A couple of updates (thanx Rob) on the web application side of Security over the past week or so, updates for Kali Linux and OWASP Zed Attack Project (ZAP) were released for use and abuse.  

The Kali Linux version 1.0.7 was released earlier this week which includes a bucket of new features, enhancements, and a new kernel update.  According to the new release, “efforts between Kali developers and tool developers to make sure their tools are represented correctly and are fully functional within Kali Linux” has been completed with a number of tool developers.  Additionally, a new feature is the ability to create a Kali Linux Live USB with LUKS Encrypted Persistence, allowing a secure USB solution for both clean and persistent Kali USB images.

The OWASP ZAP has published ZAP Release 2.3.1, which contains a number of bug fixes to the application.  Additionally, check out some of the community support available on the OWASP ZAP page; much to choose from and easy to get started.

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