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Anonymous has hacked PBS, Public broadcasting service website and as a result they have dumped a fairly large amount of information that includes server information, admin accounts and other information as well.

check out other tweets from this operation and consider getting down to your local place to donate some blood, every last drop is needed.

When Apple changed its corporate name from Apple Computer to Apple Inc., it marked the first step in the transition from Apple's focus on the personal computer as the hub of consumer digital life to an ecosystem driven by a diverse collection of connected devices and services.
(ICE) Homeland Security Investigations has been at it again taking down and seizing domain control of yet another site. HAxRadio.com which had was well known within the anonymous and hacking community has been seized for unknown reasons.

@AnonymousChina have gone on a defacing spree in a fight towards the Chinese government. The attacks are some of the first we have seen under the anonymous flag towards china and if anything will most likely be the start of a lot of trouble for the Chinese government.

A hacker, orionshunter who is apart of 3xp1r3 cyber army, who pretty much only does defacing and has been a main part of the on going cyber war between Bangladesh and India has hacked and defaced yet another lot of sites.

Google and Amazon are about to go to war for the future of non-iPad tablets, but Amazon's business model can't be sustained. Here's why, according to columnist Mike Elgan.
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