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Unpatched databases, misconfigured routers and more than 1,000 passwords were exposed in an Internet probe over 20 days by Metasploit creator HD Moore.

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In the week ending 29 September - complaints about Ubuntu's integrated Amazon search, GNOME 3.6 arrived, and remotely resetting Android smartphones. Also, a look at the new version of the GNOME desktop, and a death blow for PPTP

Shares of technology companies finished up for the third quarter Friday, but face economic uncertainty for the rest of the year.
The website for the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) now tells visitors it will not honor their browsers' do-not-track requests as a form of protest against the technology pushed by privacy groups and parts of the U.S. government.
The industrial revolution made us slaves to the clock. New apps can set us free. It's about time, writes columnist Mike Elgan.
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