An Adobe Flash player vulnerability is being used in attacks on a massive scale against Web users, mostly in Japan, to collect online banking details, according to new research from Symantec.
Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has reached an agreement to buy the Los Angeles Clippers for a record US$2 billion, according to reports.
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Seagate Technology will buy LSI's flash storage business from Avago Technologies for $450 million in cash.
Continuing coverage of Apple's WWDC 2014
This is the third in a series of three reviews covering the major online office productivity apps: Microsoft Office Online (Word Online, Excel Online, and PowerPoint Online), Apple iWork for iCloud (Pages, Numbers, and Keynote for iCloud), and in this article, Google Drive (with Docs, Sheets, and Slides) aka Google Docs and Google Apps.
Tech vendor CA has overcharged U.S. government agencies for software licenses and maintenance since 2006, according to a lawsuit filed by the Department of Justice Thursday.
A U.S. lawmaker has introduced legislation that would prohibit the Federal Communications Commission from reclassifying broadband as a common-carrier utility, a move many net neutrality advocates have called for.
Quantum information canapost break the cosmic speed limit,according to researchers* from the National Institute of Standards andTechnology (NIST) and the University of Marylandaposs Joint Quantum Institute. The scientists have shown how ...
Microsoft and Salesforce.com have become corporate buddies, pledging to integrate their flagship products in what they're calling a "global, strategic partnership."
The IT department at financial services firm TIAA-CREF is fostering innovation that reinvents how the company operates, says CIO Annabelle Bexiga
A robot completed repairs on another robot in space this week, advancing the possibility of future robots working in deep space, as well as Earth-based robots working in the enterprise.
Intel made additional tracks into the automotive market Thursday, announcing a range of products in the emerging connected-car market that could eventually be useful in driverless vehicles.
Hewlett-Packard today confirmed that it will drop Beats Audio from its line of high-end PCs and tablets by the end of 2015.
A crowdsourcing project to raise money for solar panels that snap together to form roadways has blown by its $1 million goal.
Hoping to jump out in front of providers of generic cloud services, IBM has launched a portfolio of cloud packages, called IBM Cloud Business Solutions, designed to run specific business processes such as asset management and customer care.

Wednesday's bombshell advisory declaring TrueCrypt unsafe to use touched off a tsunami of comments on Ars, Twitter, and elsewhere. At times, the armchair pundits sounded like characters in Oliver Stone's 1991 movie JFK, as they speculated wildly—and contradictorily—about what was behind a notice that left so many more questions than answers. Here are some of the more common theories, along with facts that either support or challenge their accuracy.

Warrant or National Security Letter canary

Theory: Borrowing a page from the Lavabit crypto service that former NSA contractor Edward Snowden used, Wednesday's advisory was what legal practitioners call a "canary," intended to signal receipt of a confidential demand from a law-enforcement or national security entity. Since National Security Letters (NSLs) can impose draconian penalties on those who make the demands known, this theory goes, the TrueCrypt developers issued a thinly veiled warning to users that they should no longer count on the program to prevent snooping by the US government.

Pros: Several elements of the advisory left many readers with the vague sense that the writers' tongues were planted firmly in their cheeks. Most obviously was the advice that TrueCrypt fans—a mish-mash of privacy-loving Linux, Mac, and Windows users—should abandon the cross-platform app for BitLocker, Microsoft's proprietary encryption program that runs only on selected versions of Windows. With much less prominent mention of FileVault or LUKS—the rough Mac and Linux equivalents of BitLocker, respectively—some people regarded the advice as so absurd as to be a wink and nudge signaling something much more serious was going on.

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In a bizarre move, the anonymous managers of the TrueCrypt open-source encryption project abruptly pulled the plug on the effort without explanation.
Apple's move to buy headphone maker and streaming music service Beats Electronics brought its acquisitive ways -- started after the death of founder Steve Jobs -- to the forefront.
Average global smartphone prices have dropped and will continue to do so into 2018, according to IDC.
Curved TVs are more or less a novelty that aren't expected to hold the public's attention for long as users realize their viewing experience is actually poorer on the more expensive screens.
Liz Allen, a former Apple marketing executive, has seen the volatile relationship between CMOs and CIOs evolving over the years. CMOs were worshipped and CIOs despised at Apple, but Allen isn't taking sides: 'If you're at odds, your competition is going to win.'
A well-known roboticist acknowledged Wednesday at an MIT symposium that robotics has yet to change the world.
Apple will continue to offer Beats Music apps for Android and Windows Phone after it closes the deal to acquire the streaming music service and Beats Electronics.
IDC has lowered its forecast for tablet sales for 2014 by 6.3%, pointing to the cannibalization of small tablets by larger smartphones known as "phablets."
Signal-to-noise ratios are hard to manage. As a security professional, you want the threat data, you want the attack notifications and alerts, and you need intelligence. But, when there's too much coming in, those alerts and notifications fall to the wayside. They're easily dismissed and ignored.
Mybb Sendthread Page Denial of Service Vulnerability
Acer's "Build Your Own Cloud" service will start rolling out to consumers in late June with a suite of updated apps that will work on mobile devices and PCs, including devices from other companies.

A Linux Foundation project inspired by the Heartbleed security flaw announced that it will fund a security audit for the OpenSSL code base and the salaries of two full-time developers.

The Heartbleed flaw shone a spotlight on how poorly funded the OpenSSL cryptographic software library is despite being used by many of the world's richest technology companies. The Linux Foundation, with support from those tech companies, created the Core Infrastructure Initiative (CII) to boost the security of OpenSSL and other open source projects in need of help.

Today, the foundation announced that the first projects to get funding will be OpenSSL, OpenSSH, and Network Time Protocol.

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This keeps happening over and over, and we aren't really covering this as much as we should: Readers finally heed our advise and look at their logs! Now this should make us proud and glad. But then the bad thing happens: They have no idea what they are looking at, and the logs look scary. So the conclusion is "I am hacked!". People stop working and their only goal is to get back a clean system which they find impossible to achieve. For some people, this even results in them becoming unemployed, or worse: They become security professionals.

With this introduction, I got a challenge for you: Take a system that you reasonably believe to be "clean". Find some logs that make you think otherwise, and try to explain them. To get started, here some from my iMac desktop that I use to type this diary:

May 29 10:04:37 iMac.local com.apple.authd[57]: Succeeded authorizing right 'com.apple.ServiceManagement.daemons.modify' by client '/usr/libexec/UserEventAgent' [11] for authorization created by '/usr/libexec/UserEventAgent' [11] (12,0) 

Even after a full 5 minutes with Google, I am kind of at a loss as to what this means. In my opinion it is nothing to worry about, but then again, that is just my "impression".

May 29 10:46:16 iMac.local sandboxd[253] ([7255]): com.apple.WebKit(7255) deny file-read-data /Library/Preferences/com.apple.security-common.plist

Seems like a coding bug in Safari to me. Why? Well, WebKit is the rendering engine behind Safari, and Safari runs inside a sandbox on OS X. But why does it try to read "com.apple.security-common.plist"? Looks bad. Maybe I am just doing this too long to still care about some of these messages. Sure looks dangerous to someone who still does care.

So what are your favorite non-events? How do you figure out what is a problem and what isn't? Do we need a database of log messages with translations?

And remember,

“Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you” (Joseph Heller, Catch 22).

Johannes B. Ullrich, Ph.D.
SANS Technology Institute

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OpenCart Directory Traversal Vulnerability
A coalition of healthcare IT chiefs are on a mission to put cancer out of businessa(c).
IDG Communications CEO Michael Friedenberg dips into the history of the once-thriving ice industry to put today's period of business transformation in crystal-clear perspective.
Amazon Web Services is making a pitch that high-performance enterprise databases can run on its infrastructure by launching new instances optimized for the task.
Red Hat OpenShift Enterprise CVE-2014-0234 Insecure Default Password Vulnerability
With hidden malware on the rise, the online advertising industry may finally have to get its governance act together.
WordPress Smart Flv Plugin 'jwplayer.swf' Multiple Cross Site Scripting Vulnerabilities
Symantec said Wednesday it closed a deal last week to acquire NitroDesk, which makes security and management applications for mobile devices.
A Google diversity report shows that some 70% of the cmpany's employees are men and 61% of its U.S. employees are white.
Much has been made about the scale of Apple's $3 billion purchase of Beats Electronics and Beats Music, but the reality is that the money represents a pittance to Cupertino, literally pocket change in the light of its bank balance.
A suspected Iranian hacker group seeded Facebook and LinkedIn with bogus profiles of attractive women and even created a fake online news organization to get digitally closer to more than 2,000 people whom it wanted to spy on.
Google has posted a number of notifications to show what users will be able to see on their Android Wear smartwatches, including integration with Nest's smoke detector.
Samsung has raised the stakes in flash storage with a new 1TB solid-state drive based on its newest memory technology.
[RT-SA-2014-004] Remote Command Execution in webEdition CMS Installer Script
Defense in depth -- the Microsoft way (part 15): unquoted arguments in 120 (of 462) command lines
[RT-SA-2014-005] SQL Injection in webEdition CMS File Browser Installer Script
Multiple IBM DB2 Products CVE-2014-0907 Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
Internet Storm Center Infocon Status