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"When countries block, we evolve," an activist with the group We Rebuild wrote in a Twitter message Friday.

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One of the survey questions asks: What poses the greatest threat to the security of your agency's IT systems? We provide eight choices: Configuration errors ...

Like most of you have been aware of attacks on Sourceforge. Not sure what the motives behind these are, but a number of devices have been compromised and for those of you who host projects there you will have seen that some services are not available. A number of you have also received a password reset email.

We recently experienced a directed attack on SourceForge infrastructure

( and so we are

resetting all passwords in thesf.netdatabase -- just in case. We're

e-mailing allsf.netregistered account holders to let you know about this

change to your account.
The email directs you to the forgot password page to reset your passwords. As with all email containing links mak sure you check it or follow the advice, but go to the sourceforge pages directly rather than clicking a link in an email.
The netblog states that code hosted is not affected.
Hopefully they will find out who is behind it and they will let all of us know.
Mark (c) SANS Internet Storm Center. Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License.
Soon we will all live without passwords or credit cards. Apple and Google are separately working on technologies that will allow your phone to become a universal biometric ID and debit card, columnist Mike Elgan writes.
Despite the government having shut down most of the Internet, people around the world are offering dial-up modem numbers and other primitive tools for people in Egypt.

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