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Twitter's move to comply with government requests and block tweets in specific countries could blunt its edge as a political tool, but there may be an upside in helping to unmask censorship, some privacy experts said Friday.
Researchers from Lookout Security disagreed with rival Symantec that 13 apps on the Android Market were malicious, instead saying that they showed the same behaviors as other ad-supported apps.
xdev who is part of @b4lc4nh4ck has hacked and dumped a few a heap of accounts from a bmwmoa.org, BMW Motorcycle Owners of America forums. The leak contains 2000+ accounts with this just being a small part of the full 43000 from the vBulletin based forums.

Malicious webpages masquerading as browser updates are being used by attackers as launch pads for Trojan viruses and exploit kits.

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More than a dozen malicious Android applications on the Android Market contain a hidden Trojan that can steal information, download more files and display advertisements on the device.

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Resume Makeover: How an Information Security Professional Can Target CSO Jobs
CIO Australia
Executive resume writer Donald Burns helps an information security professional position his resume for management-level infosec jobs. Cole Hanson's career goal is to become an information security executive. Currently, he serves as a high-level ...

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SEPO aka @anon_4freedom has been on a mission the past few weeks and now has hacked and dumped a load of data from an airport website. the airport is BRNO Airport and the data contains database information and 100 or so administration accounts,

SEPO aka @anon_4freedom has contuined to hack websites and leak data and keeping in fashion they are still targeting higher profile websites such as one of the most recent attacks.

Adscend Media, the defendant in lawsuits filed this week by Facebook and the Washington attorney general, on Friday denied the allegations in the complaints and shifted blame to its affiliates.
Juniper Networks' challenges are due to timing with new product rollouts and shifts in investments from customers and channel partners.
Salesforce.com customers are sounding off about the fact that an upcoming Analytics Edition of the CRM (customer relationship management) software will have an additional price tag, saying that the functionality it includes should be part of their base subscriptions.
The largest-ever Android malware campaign may have duped as many as 5 million users into downloading infected apps from Google's Android Market, Symantec said today.
Cisco is in the midst of a major initiative to better integrate its various collaboration products and to give their interfaces a uniform, consistent design in order to make them easier to use and more effective at helping employees work with each other.
This week's tsunami of tech earnings, led by Apple's jaw-dropping quarterly report, has given market watchers something to cheer about and also points to industry shifts around tablets and cloud computing.
Facebook scammers have started redirecting victims through Amazon's cloud in order to bypass malicious URL filters, according to security researchers from antivirus vendor F-Secure.
Mission Control and other snazzy new Lion features may have gotten all the press, but columnist Ryan Faas has uncovered a slew of lesser-known features that every OS X Lion user should know about.
The Internet juggernaut Facebook could file papers for an initial public offering as early as Wednesday, hoping to raise as much as US$10 billion, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday.
Apple reclaimed the top spot in a brand listing by collecting an estimated $900 million worth of traditional media, social media and Twitter coverage in the fourth quarter of 2011, a measurement company said today.
Aneesh Chopra, who has served for the past two-and-a-half years as the first CTO for the U.S. government, is stepping down in early February.
Symantec pcAnywhere Insecure File Permissions Vulnerability
Lawmakers in Hawaii quietly dropped a bill that would have required Internet service providers to collect the browsing histories of Internet users in the state and store the data for at least two years.
vBSEO 'proc_deutf()' Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
HP Diagnostics Server 'magentservice.exe' Remote Stack Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
AdaCore Security Advisory SA-2012-L119-003 Hash collisions in AWS


Push on for Comprehensive Infosec Bill
By Eric Chabrow, January 28, 2012. The White House wants Congress to enact comprehensive cybersecurity legislation this year, favoring an approach taken by the Democratic-led Senate than a more piecemeal path backed by the Republican-controlled House ...

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Symantec researchers have uncovered additional clues that point to Chinese hacker involvement in attacks against a large number of Western companies, including major U.S. defense contractors.
Security researchers from antivirus vendor Trend Micro have come across a Web-based attack that exploits a known vulnerability in Windows Media Player.
Postfix Admin Multiple SQL Injection and Cross Site Scripting Vulnerabilities
Asterisk SRTP Video Denial Of Service Vulnerability
ComponentOne FlexGrid ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
Mobile application supports Android smartphones and tablets with virus scanning and protection from Web threats and SMS attacks.

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Businesses should disable pcAnywhere, says Symantec
Infosecurity Magazine (US)
Symantec has confirmed that sample source code provided by the hacker known as YamaTough to Infosec Island is genuine Norton AV source code from the 2006 version of its product. As yet, little else is known. Last January, Infosecurity magazine ...

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On Monday I told you how to turn your PC into a DVR by connecting an inexpensive, antenna-powered TV tuner. I also said I'd be back on Wednesday to explain how to connect that PC to your TV. Then I plumb forgot.
A reader letter makes Gibbs sum up why SOPA and PIPA are such bad ideas.
We show you how to set it up and what kind of performance you can expect.
[ GLSA 201201-15 ] ktsuss: Privilege escalation
[HITB-Announce] Reminder: HITB2012AMS Call For Papers Closing Soon
Super Bowl XLVI (46) kicks off on February 5 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana, and no matter where you'll be that Sunday, you have plenty of ways to stream the big game to your PC, tablet, or smartphone so you can watch the Giants and the Patriots struggle for supremacy on your preferred device.
CloudPassage is launching a new security product for virtual servers in public clouds such as Amazon Web Services that it says takes care of the all-important need for security when using services from infrastructure providers.
[SECURITY] [DSA 2394-1] libxml2 security update
The district court in Mannheim, Germany, has again sided with Apple in a patent suit brought by Samsung Electronics, saying on Friday that the company had not infringed on a second patent asserted by Samsung against the iPhone and iPad.
Apple has emerged as the No. 1 smartphone vendor worldwide in the fourth quarter of 2011, by a small margin, after losing ground to Samsung in the previous quarter, research firms Strategy Analytics and IHS iSuppli said Thursday.
Twitter can now remove tweets from users' feeds in specific countries while keeping them visible elsewhere, according to a post on the company's blog on Thursday.
Apache HTTP Server CVE-2012-0021 mod_log_config Denial Of Service Vulnerability
Offshore outsourcing companies continued to make up the majority of the top 10 H-1B visa users in 2011, according to new U.S. government data. These offshore firms have been adding employees by the thousands as revenues increase.
A reader (Thanks Jim!) mentioned earlier today that his SSHlogs were showing access attempts utilising elements of the reverse DNS name of the IPaddress being accessed. For example using isc.sans.org results in the userids isc, sans and org. This may be cause a number of hosting providers use the domain name itself as the userid for shell access for customers. In light of the breach at dreamhost earlier this week http://blog.dreamhost.com/2012/01/21/security-update/ this may be what is going on.
If you are noticing the same in your logs and you can share some log lines please send some in as I'd be interested in taking a peek.
Mark H
(c) SANS Internet Storm Center. http://isc.sans.edu Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License.
In case you missed it there is a vulnerability in the CISCOIronport telnet service. Details can be found here http://tools.cisco.com/security/center/content/CiscoSecurityAdvisory/cisco-sa-20120126-ironport
To mitigate the risk (if you can't upgrade just yet) is to switch off telnet on the device and use SSHto manage it instead.
Mark H (c) SANS Internet Storm Center. http://isc.sans.edu Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License.
As reported earlier today, dana white had made a mistake of pissing off anonymous by calling them terrorist, which never goes down well. as a result the UFC scence is now starting to sufer from Dana's cocky mouth.

ZCompany Hacking Crew has defaced hundreds of websites in relation to Black day in Kashmir which symbols "No Lights, No Smiles... Only Black Day and Black Night.." and is held on the same day as republic day.

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