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Update: A few hours after this article was published, the LivingSocial FAQ was updated to say the company was switching its hashing algorithm to bcrypt. This is a fantastic move by LivingSocial that adds a significant improvement to its users. Bravo!

LivingSocial.com, a site that offers daily coupons on restaurants, spas, and other services, has suffered a security breach that has exposed names, e-mail addresses and password data for up to 50 million of its users. If you're one of them, you should make sure this breach doesn't affect other accounts that may be impacted.

In an e-mail sent Friday, CEO Tim O'Shaughnessy told customers the stolen passwords had been hashed and salted. That means passcodes were converted into one-way cryptographic representations that used random strings to cause each hash string to be unique, even if it corresponded to passwords chosen by other LivingSocial users. He went on to say "your Living Social password would be difficult to decode." This is a matter for vigorous debate, and it very possibly could give users a false sense of security.

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Try as we might to pretend it won't happen, Google Reader will die on July 1 when Sergey Brin personally rips out the beloved Web app's still-beating heart, Temple of Doom style, and records the gruesome act on Google Glass for a YouTube livecast.
More than 50 million users of the daily deals site LivingSocial are being asked to reset their passwords after hackers attacked the company's servers and potentially made off with personal data.
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