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Mad HackerZ Team has been attacking the Lebanese government over the past few days and one of the latest sites to be attacked is the Lebanese Ministry of economy and trade website.

A few weeks ago we got word that one of the main members of a hacker team who goes by the handle Metal soft team was detained and had computers seized as part of an investigation into the recent string of attacks.

By 2020, the average wireless network user will generate 1GB of data traffic on wireless networks every day, and this will require networks 10 times as fast, Nokia Siemens Networks CEO Rajeev Suri said at an NSN event on Sunday, the eve of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
HTC kicked off its new strategy of offering fewer but more differentiated phones in 2012 with the launch on Sunday of the HTC One series of phones, emphasizing high quality photo and audio technologies.
The release can be found at http://wikileaks.org/the-gifiles.html?nocache. And users are to index them on Twitter with the hashtag #gifiles

HTC joined AT&T at Mobile World Congress to launch the HTC One X smartphone on Sunday. It will run Android 4.0 and work over the carrier's 4G LTE network.
IBM researchers for the first time have succeeded in imaging how charge is distributed inside a single molecule, which is a fundamental research breakthrough as scientists try to miniaturize circuitry to the nanometer scale.
Freescale has launched a system on a chip that includes a full base station, which will allow vendors to build smaller, greener and cheaper units while maintaining performance for 3G and 4G networks, the company said on Monday at Mobile World Congress.
Sony on Sunday introduced two Android new phones into its NXT series, following the first phone in the series that it launched at CES earlier this year.
Samsung began displaying outdoor billboards in Barcelona on Sunday of a 10.1-in. Galaxy Note, featuring the digital pen seen in the smaller 5.3-in. version.
Huawei has launched the Ascend D Quad family, which has an in-house developed quad-core processor, as the Chinese network equipment company tries to become a competitor in the high-end smartphone space.
Pakistan has floated a request for proposal for a system to filter and block websites, some months after banning the use of encryption on the Internet, and toying with the idea of filtering and blocking SMS (short message service) messages in the country.
Samsung began displaying outdoor billboards in Barcelona on Sunday of a 10.1-in. Galaxy Note, featuring the digital pen seen in the smaller 5.3-in. version.
If you want to be able to access your files from any device and easily share them with others, plenty of action is coming on that front. In the last few days, Dropbox and Box both announced they're enhancing their cloud offerings and Microsoft and Apple are fanning the flames of user desire by giving sneak peeks at upcoming functions in their online storage services.
thehacknews.com has come across a very interesting hack and mass deface that has left 1749 websites all with the same page.

Hackers going under the team name of eMP3R0r TEAM have tipped us off to an attack that has leaked about 40 accounts from the websites database.

Samsung has launched the Beam, an Android 2.3-based smartphone that comes with an integrated projector that can project a 50-inch high-definition image, the company said on Sunday.
Samsung Electronics has added a second tablet to a new Galaxy Tab 2 family of low-cost tablets, but this time with a 10-inch screen, the company said on Sunday.
A hacker using the handle cowboyhack3r's has attacked two india based websites and obtained a dump of accounts from each via SQL injection.

Turkey cyber Army has been busy away hacking www.un.am leaving it with the below message which is orginally in english but has been translated for easier reading.

Hax.r00t has continued to hack servers leaving yet another huge load of websites defaced, just a few minutes ago we published a short list from another server which totalled 10+ sites, but now this most recent hack has hit well over 1500 sites as a result of two servers being hacked.

Hax.r00t and Saadi have hacked a server and defaced a bunch of websites that are hosted on it. In the defacement is the typical music that these hackers use as well a message to a fellow hacker team who has recently been hacking some sites.

Anonymous hackers from Serbia have hacked the Serbian United Nations Website and setup a redirect to their facebook page as well as leaking a dump of information via pastebin.

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