Phishme is reporting the discovery of a new ransomwarewhich its creators have named Bart. Bart shares several commonalities with the Locky ransomware. Bart is delivered by thesame downloader, RockLoader. The payment site baresa striking resemblance to the Locky page.

But Bart also deviates from Locky in other ways. The ransom is much higher, 3 Bitcoins,approximately $2000. But probably the most striking difference is that unlike most ransomware variants Bart does not require a command and control to facilitate the encryption and in fact looks like it has no command and control capability. Bart does not utilize the complex public-private key or symmetric encryption methods that have become common in ransomware. Instead it stores the encrypted files in password protected zip files, and utilizes a victim id and a tor-based payment website to facilitate decryption.

This lack of a sophisticated encryption mechanism appears to be a weakness.Phishme was able to reverse engineer Bart to create a decrypter, offering a reprieve for users affected by this variant of Bart.

More information on Bart can be found at the Phishme website.

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