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An Unknown hacker has hacked a few sites over the past few days and as a result they have dumped all the account details on pastebin in a single paste.

In whats a rather odd outburst of attacks as we do not see the Lebanese People normally facing many cyber problems is now starting to turn into a new problem for them after a team of hackers using the handle Mad Hackerz Team.

In what appears to be an attack in the name of anonymous a hacker using the handle Vicky-cyber has left 26 sites defaced after hacking them.

Few days ago we did a report on a few defacements by a hacker using the handle orionshunter who is apart of BBHH bangladeshi black hat hackers. Well now we have been tipped off to a further 70 sites that have been defaced.

A hacker using the handle oSo iSHAUN from teamoso has hacked an industrial farm plant equipment buying and selling website armplantfinder.com/and as a result a large amount of client personal details have been leaked.

Firm led by well-known security experts George Kurtz and Dmitri Alperovitch will focus on defending against targeted attacks.

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The other day we did a very short post about a hacker who was hacking chinese based website in the name of the long going battle to free Tibet.

Anonymous hackers have been some what busy with a more recent operation thats been dubbed, #OpPiggyBank and is aimed at exposing the wrong doings by police.

The church that was attacked is the United Church of God http://www.unitedcog.com and the leak was announced via twitter with the leak being dumped on pastebin.

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