There's nothing like waking up early on Christmas morning, unwrapping your gifts after your parents finally get out of bed, getting the game you'd asked Santa for, and popping it into your console for some online gaming—only to find out you can't log on. That was the sad reality for gamers all around the world on Christmas Day as an apparent Distributed Denial of Service attack made logging into the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live difficult, if not impossible, for most users.

Complaints about service disruptions began Christmas Eve, with disgruntled gamers taking to Twitter to complain about not being able to connect to Xbox Live and PSN. Both Sony and Microsoft acknowledged the problem, saying that their tech folks were working to get the networks back online.

"We are aware some users are unable to sign into Xbox Live. Our teams are working to resolve the issue. Visit xbox.com/support for status updates," said Sean McCarthy, general manager of Microsoft's Xbox Product Services in a statement to CNN. "We don't share info on the root cause of specific issues."

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All handlers at SANS Internet Storm Center wish you a great christmas and may all your wishes come true. We will keep guarding the internet meanwhile.

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