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Oracle researchers are "winding down" development of the Fortress programming language for high-performance computing, an effort started nearly 10 years ago by Sun Microsystems.
The 2012 Olympics begin this week, and some might be lucky enough to have tickets to one of the many sports being contested by the 205 participating nations. With London hosting the 2012 games, seeing the Olympics in person means a trek to the United Kingdom's capital city.
Amazon is offering to cover 95 percent of the cost of vocational training courses to help its warehouse staff pursue jobs in other careers, including many that Amazon does not offer, the company said Monday in a letter posted on its home page.
In a special series, Fairfax Business Media Asia will be previewing speakers from the CIO Summit 2012.
Apple and Samsung have agreed to drop some of the patent infringement claims they have filed against each other, they said Monday. The move will help simplify the litigation between the two companies when it goes in front of a California jury next week.
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Baidu, China's largest search engine, reported second-quarter profits that were up 70 percent from a year earlier as it continued to add new customers for its online marketing services.
Sean Barnum of MITRE will describe Structured Threat Information eXpression (STIX), a new cyberthreat intelligence system for incident response teams.

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Scott Thompson, who was pushed out as CEO of Yahoo amid scandal this spring, has landed a new job.

Posted by InfoSec News on Jul 23


By Noah Shachtman
Danger Room
July 23, 2012

It’s early February in Cancun, Mexico. A group of 60 or so financial
analysts, reporters, diplomats, and cybersecurity specialists shake off
the previous night’s tequila and file into a ballroom at the
Ritz-Carlton hotel. At the front of the room, a giant screen shows a
globe targeted by crosshairs. Cancun is in the center of the...

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By Dan Goodin
Ars Technica
July 20, 2012

A team of cryptographers and neuroscientists said they've devised an
alternative password mechanism that allows users to authenticate
themselves to a system using secret credentials that can't be revealed
to adversaries.

The user interface, proposed in a research paper scheduled to be
presented at next...

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By Aliya Sternstein
July 20, 2012

The Pentagon is helping civilian agencies block access to federal
classified networks by anyone who does not have a new smart card,
military officials announced Thursday night, in the wake of recent
information leaks.

During a closed-door House committee hearing earlier in the day, Defense...

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By Robert Tilford
July 21, 2012

General Keith Alexander, director of the National Security Agency (NSA),
will speak at the Defcon conference, the Pentagon affirmed.

General Keith B. Alexander is also the current Commander, United States
Cyber Command.

Defcon for those of you who don’t know is a community of “hackers.”

Not to be confused with “crackers”....
file clobbering vulnerability in Solaris update manager & local root with SUNWbindr install.
[SECURITY] [DSA 2508-1] kfreebsd-8 security update
Google is looking at its cloud-based apps for the enterprise not as a small side business, but as a major driver of future growth.
Several major software companies, including Microsoft and Symantec, today kicked off what they called 'International Technology Upgrade Week' in an attempt to persuade users to keep their code current.
I'm not an audio purist. My desire is that whatever I'm listening to should sound good, where "good" is defined somewhat subjectively as "pleasing to my ears."

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By Cameron Scott
IDG News Service
July 20, 2012

Dropbox's ongoing investigation into a possible security breach has not
produced any evidence that its systems have been infiltrated, according to an
update Friday to the company's user forum.

"As of today, we've found no intrusions into our internal systems and no...
Wordpress (chenpress Plugin) Arbitrary File Upload Vulnerability
Free Web App Security Challenges - Hackademics Project
CodeIgniter <= 2.1.1 xss_clean() Cross Site Scripting filter bypass
Boston Limited said it is manufacturing and distributing a low-power server with ARM-based chips, becoming one of the few companies to make such a server commercially available.
Corporate boards are prioritizing IT spending as highly as investments in sales operations, according to research announced Monday by analyst firm Gartner.
Advance demand for Apple's next iPhone is at an all-time high, said a research firm today, predicting huge sales later this year for what most have dubbed the 'iPhone 5.'
[ MDVSA-2012:108 ] php
ARM is catching up with Intel on 3D transistors, announcing a new partnership with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing to manufacture 64-bit chips that are faster and more power-efficient than current chips in which transistors are organized horizontally.
If you think that LaCie's latest network attached storage product, the 2Big NAS, looks like something you've seen before, you're right. But beneath the familiar appearance (the basic design of the 2Big has been around since 2007), there are a number of differences under the hood.
If there were any doubts that Samsung's Galaxy S III is the hottest smartphone in the Android world, the latest sales figures for the handset should put those doubts to rest.
Enterprise mobility as a service has many benefits over traditional internal infrastructure.
Following a trend some have dubbed "acqu-hiring", both Facebook and Google said they are taking over startups more for their talented staff than their products and services.
Amazon will combine the development teams of two U.K. media companies it acquired last year to create a new Digital Media Development Center in London.
Studying for and taking IT certification exams can be costly. These tips can help you find inexpensive study resources and ways to get hands-on experience with the technologies you're studying.
Samsung Electronics accused Apple of refusing to enter into negotiations to license essential 3G patents included in the iPhone and iPad during the first day of their patent trial on Monday in Federal Court in Sydney.
Intel isn't actively porting Android to work on tablets based on the upcoming Atom chip code-named Clover Trail, which is purpose built for Microsoft's Windows 8, according to a source familiar with the company's plans.
Electronic Arts and nine other game developers are being sued by Uniloc which claims that some of their Android applications infringe a patent for preventing unauthorized access to electronic data
HTC has sold back about half its majority stake in Beats Electronics, signaling according to analysts that its investment in the U.S. headphones provider may have fallen short of its expectations.
Move over, Amazon: Google, HP, and Microsoft, and others want a seat at the table. How do you choose among all those IaaS providers? Start with this quick primer
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