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EDA2 Open-Source Ransomware Code Used in Real-Life Attacks
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At this moment, the infosec community does not seem to be very appreciative of Utku Sen's decision to open-source his ransomware experiments. He only published two "educational" ransomware projects, but both were quickly nabbed by malware authors ...


In a diary entry I showed a great new feature of Sysinternals" />

mple is for one file. But of course, sigcheck can check many files if you point it to a folder and use option -s to recurse.

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Bugcrowd Outlines Vulnerability Pricing Model, Rewards Vary From $100 to $15000
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With a proper pricing model in place, companies would get what they want (attracting the top-level security researchers), while infosec professionals would also get what they want as well (proper monetary compensation for their work). Bugcrowd's ...


Shodan, a search engine for the Internet of Things (IoT), recently launched a new section that lets users easily browse vulnerable webcams.

The feed includes images of marijuana plantations, back rooms of banks, children, kitchens, living rooms, garages, front gardens, back gardens, ski slopes, swimming pools, colleges and schools, laboratories, and cash register cameras in retail stores, according to Dan Tentler, a security researcher who has spent several years investigating webcam security.

"It's all over the place," he told Ars Technica UK. "Practically everything you can think of."

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Hello Kitty hack exposes 3.3 million users' details, says infosec bod
NanoNews (blog)
Beyond the risk of a compromised HelloKitty.com account, the Sanrio and Vtech breaches both serve as reminders that minors today can also be victimized by data breaches, particularly as their online footprints grow to match those of adults. SanrioTown ...

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