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Google asked a federal court to dismiss copyright claims against its Google Books project by groups representing authors and photographers on Thursday, saying the groups could not sue over copyrights they did not own.
The sheer number of cloud players - or companies that claim to be cloud players -- is staggering. By some estimates there are more than 2,000 software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies alone. At this early point in the cloud revolution, there are certainly front runners, but the field is wide open.
Giant domain name registrar GoDaddy.com has pulled its support from the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act after owners of several websites announced they would take their business elsewhere.
Every enterprise software vendor will tell you how hot and in-demand their products are, but the notion rings fairly true with respect to business intelligence and advanced analytics. The products just kept selling throughout the global recession, as companies looked to gain insights into their business and subsequently, more efficiency as well as new ideas.
Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird/SeaMonkey YARR Library Denial Of Service Vulnerability
OpenStack Nova Image Registration Arbitrary Input Validation Vulnerability
Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird/SeaMonkey SVG Animation Elements Information Disclosure Vulnerability
T-Platforms, a Moscow-based tech company that is behind some of that nation's largest systems, is building a 10-petaflop supercomputer for M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, the company said this week.
Our work lives are creeping into our holiday time as mobile devices become an extension of our offices. More than half of office workers are planning to crank out some work over the winter holidays this year, according to a recent survey by presentation app maker SlideRocket. If you're one of them, use these tech tips to keep your life organized away from the office and maintain your sanity.
This holiday season, you can use Google's free and easy Hangout feature to hold virtual celebrations with family and friends.
IBM's Watson supercomputer is being used in the Cedars-Sinai cancer center to develop applications that will assist doctors in diagnosing and prescribing treatments for patients.
Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware <= 8.2 (snarf_ajax.php) Remote PHP Code Injection
All year long, we PCWorld reviewers immerse ourselves in desktop programs and Web software. After evaluating a program, often we uninstall it—but several of this year's finds earned places in our workflows and/or our hearts. These programs and services are the ones we reviewed for PCWorld Downloads and also kept using for our own productivity and enjoyment. Perhaps you started using them this year, too…and if not, well, a shiny new year is right around the corner.
In 2012 a fundamental change in server architecture could be on tap as companies look to cut data center costs with the help of technologies like ARM processors and graphics chips, analysts said.
IT made headlines throughout 2011, from social media's role in Arab Spring to the popularity of Google's Android and Google+ and more. What was the top story of the year?
TWSL2011-019: Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability in phpMyAdmin
ZDI-11-354 : HP Managed Printing Administration jobDelivery Multiple Vulnerabilities
ZDI-11-353 : HP Managed Printing Administration MPAUploader.dll Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
Cloud storage company Dropbox has added offline storage and bulk upload to an redesigned version of its Android application, which has been optimized for Android 4.0.
IPCom, a German company that licenses technology patents for mobile phones, is suing German retailers for continuing to sell 3G HTC phones in violation of a court injunction issued in 2009.
Employees bringing their own devices to work was one of the biggest challenges IT departments faced in 2011, in 2010 and in 2009 as well. And guess what? It's going to be one of the biggest challenges in 2012 too.
[SECURITY] [DSA 2369-1] libsoup2.4 security update
[SECURITY] [DSA 2370-1] unbound security update
Exploit for Asterisk Security Advisory AST-2011-013
Louis Trebino, CIO and senior vice president at the Harry Fox Agency in New York City, is experiencing significant turnover on his Web development team.
Microsoft Windows 'win32k.sys' Remote Memory Corruption Vulnerability
The last BlackBerry using the historic OS adds touch, but otherwise is the BlackBerry you've long known and perhaps loved
At the Plano Independent School District in Texas, 82 schools and office campuses are equipped with Wi-Fi offering private channels for teachers and staff and a public channel for students.
Internet domain registrar Go Daddy is facing a boycott threat after it figured in a list of supporters of the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).
Splunk Cross Site Scripting and Cross Site Request Forgery Vulnerabilities
Cacti Multiple Input Validation Vulnerabilities
Internet Storm Center Infocon Status