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SSCC 57 - Infosec Europe 2011, Facebook privacy
Naked Security
by Chester Wisniewski on April 23, 2011 | Leave a comment Paul Ducklin from Sophos Australia joined me at Info Security Europe 2011 this week to help explain our open letter to Facebook. Paul and I discussed the three points we outlined in our letter ...

An unexplained outage of Sony's PlayStation Network and Qriocity services entered its third day Saturday, with no clear details on when the service might be up and running again.
Norio Ohga, one of the handful of men who shaped Sony into the global consumer electronics giant that it is today, died on Saturday morning in Tokyo at the age of 81, Sony said.
The big scandal that was uncovered this week is that iPhones capture location data. It's a non-issue, says columnist Mike Elgan, and there are two reasons why.
Seattle police are investigating a group of criminals who they say have been cruising around town in a black Mercedes stealing credit card data by tapping into wireless networks belonging to area businesses.
The recent publicity about whether iPhones and iPads are keeping tabs on their users' whereabouts -- they are -- left a lot of people wondering what Apple's up to. Columnist Ryan Faas offers his take on the location-tracking brouhaha.

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