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A California jury may have awarded Apple more than US$1 billion in damages in late August when it triumphed over Samsung in a hard-fought case over smartphone and tablet patents, but the iPhone maker is coming back for more: late on Friday it asked for additional damages of $707 million.
Microsoft on Friday updated Flash on Windows 8 to protect IE10 users from attacks that may have started months ago.
In the week ending 22 September - warnings about the new critical security hole in Internet Explorer, an alpha of Fedora 18 arrived and Cinnamon 1.6 was released. Also, a look at hacking the Raspberry Pi mini-computer, and what's coming in Linux 3.6

If you're paranoid that your phone is spying on you, don't watch Person of Interest, which highlights the many ways to hack, track, listen in on and use smartphones to monitor people, says Mike Elgan.
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