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Forbes reported late Friday that a new bug has been discovered in devices running iOS 7. This time, the bug lets a person with physical access to a phone to place any kind of call from the “Emergency Call” screen—even to international numbers and premium numbers (like adult chat lines and tech support numbers).

To produce the bug, simply type any number into the Emergency Call screen, then rapidly tap the Call button until the phone brings up an empty screen with an Apple logo. At that point, the phone is making the call to the number requested.

Just one day after the release of iOS 7 this week, a first bug was discovered—also in the lock screen—that allowed someone to access photos on the phone from the new Control Center feature. From there, an attacker could open the Share menu in the Photos app to view all the contacts stored on the phone and could send out pictures via the Messages app or to any e-mail addresses or social media accounts that were linked to the app. Still, users could disable the Control Center feature to protect themselves from such an attack until Apple issued a fix.

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When you leave the doors unlocked and shut off the security cameras your business will be burglarized like the music industry has been, and often all that is left is the bubble gum under the desks.Mar 10 08:49 AM| Pandora Charms
Although originally built to develop enterprise Java apps, the NetBeans IDE (integrated development environment) is increasingly being rigged to help developers use the lighter weight HTML5 and JavaScript Web languages as well.

A prize of more than $19,000 (and counting) in cash, bitcoins, and booze is being offered to the first hacker to crack the fingerprint scanner on Apple's newly released iPhone 5S.

The contest is being run by a micro venture capital firm and a group of security researchers and requires the hacker who wins the prize to "reliably and repeatedly break into an iPhone 5s by lifting prints (like from a beer mug)," according to the website istouchidhackedyet.com.

Touch ID, the fingerprint scanner present on the more expensive of Apple's two new iPhones, is supposed to make users' personal details more secure and can also be used to make iTunes purchases. The scanner offers a 500 pixel-per-inch resolution and can read sub-epidermal skin layers, storing encrypted fingerprint data (although, crucially, not images of the prints themselves) locally on the phone's chip, but doubts about quite how secure it is are being expressed.

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Choose a clasp that pickpockets cannot easily open.The best way to secure a bracelet around your wrist or a necklace around your neck is by attaching a clasp to its chain. If you have steady hands, this will definitely be an easy job for you. At your first try, it may take you a few minutes to finish the attachment. However, after making a few bracelets or necklaces, you will slowly pick up the speed and realize just how it can easily be done. You only need a handful of items to do this procedure. Pandora Charms
Is there a solar-powered smartphone in your future? Mike Elgan thinks so, and he explains what's being done right now to bring that technology to reality.
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