has played a large role in helping us become inspired and motivated to develop as an information security practitioner.We certainly did not get where we are today on our own.Without a doubt, I have been fortunate to have learned fromskilled security practitioners who have directly shaped my career growth - many may never fully recognize that impact. It remains a priority for me to lean into the direction of helping others grow and develop into the very best security practitioner they can become. A favorite topic of mine is sharing a lesson learned that quite often revolves around from now I will always and never again will I">">">
  • Ask yourself regularly Who can I share that lesson with
  • Establish an informal mentoring program at your $DayJob
  • Serve in the leadership of your local security group such as BSides, ISSA, InfraGard, ECTF, OWASP
  • Volunteer at your next local information security event">"> background: url(">russelleubanks
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