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According to a posting yesterday by Adam Gowdiak of Security Explorations to Full Disclosure, Java 7 Update 11 (CVE-2013-0422) is still vulnerable as [...] a complete Java security sandbox bypass can be still gained under the recent version of Java 7 Update 11 (JRE version 1.7.0_11-b21).[1]

The MBeanInstantiator bug hasnt yet been addressed. Yesterday, Security Exploration reported two more vulnerabilities to Oracle along with Proof of Concept code (issue 50 and 51) [3].

We received several comments from our readers after the patch was released [4], how many of you have followed CERTs advice to disable Java content in their web browsers after they updated to 7u11? Please take a minute to answer our poll, What is your main concern about Java?

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Within a week of Oracle closing a recently publicised Java hole by releasing an out-of-schedule patch, a security expert says that he has found another attack vector. Meanwhile, malicious code is masquerading as a Java update

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