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Mobile networks in North America are filled to 80 percent of capacity, with 36 percent of base stations facing capacity constraints, according to a survey by investment bank Credit Suisse.
Google has unveiled an incremental release of the Android platform, featuring optimizations for a wider range of tablets and a compatibility enhancement for fixed-size applications.
A $250,000 reward is being offered to anyone who provides new information that results in the identification, arrest and criminal conviction of the cybercriminals behind the Rustock botnet.

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Independent testing firm NSS Labs found that Internet Explorer 8 and 9 have better social engineering blocking technology, exceeding the Chrome, Firefox or Safari browsers.

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Google's free-to-use operating system is increasingly imposing costs on handset developers.
Google has acquired to use as the exclusive domain for shortened URLs of its sites, following in the footsteps of other major Internet companies that have bought .co domains recently and bypassing the crowded field of .com sites.
Anonymous, which has claimed credit for several high-profile cyber attacks in recent months, plans to launch what it says will be a new social networking site called AnonPlus.
The HP Pavilion dv6 is the company's workhorse consumer laptop, with a 15.6-inch LCD panel and a nearly full-size keyboard. When you first see the dv6, it seems thinner than it really is. The gently curved back surface of the LCD housing hides some of the bulk in the rear, which is thicker than the front of the laptop. In fact, the curves of the entire shell disguise the fact that this notebook is nearly 1.25 inches thick in places.
The Wikimedia Foundation is in the process of adding a ratings feature to all English-language articles on Wikipedia, so that readers can evaluate their quality based on certain criteria.
Software and services fueled IBM growth in the second quarter, the company said Monday.
Cisco Systems will cut about 6,500 jobs as part of an effort to focus its business and reduce operating expenses by $1 billion per year, the company announced Monday.
Oracle wants to triple the number of installed Exadata database machines to 3,000 in its current fiscal year, and it could get there by tapping existing customers like automotive analytics vendor Polk.
Telecom trade groups oppose a Republican plan to divert money from the Universal Service Fund.
Toshiba acknowledged a bug that keeps its Thrive tablet from waking up from sleep mode, and the company said it is working on a fix.
Most of VMware's original management team has left, but CTO Stephen Herrod is still around to tell the tale of the company’s early days.
[ MDVSA-2011:114 ] blender
[ MDVSA-2011:112 ] blender
ZDI-11-236: EMC Documentum eRoom Indexing Server OpenText HummingBird Connector Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
Chyrp Multiple Input Validation Vulnerabilities
Call for Papers: ICITST-2011
Amazon on Monday announced Kindle Textbook Rental, which will enable students to save up to 80 percent off the retail prices of textbooks, by renting them as ebooks from the Kindle Store, instead of purchasing them outright. It’s like a library—only one that you pay for the privilege of borrowing from.
In the last month, two family members and one friend have had laptops stolen right out of their homes. Sadly, none of the systems were equipped with remote-monitoring software, meaning the chances of recovery are just about zero.
Reminder - DeepSec 2011 Call For Papers
[SECURITY] [DSA 2278-1] horde3 security update
We assessed the Cisco Catalyst 4500 with tests of functionality, performance and Ethernet energy efficiency. The performance tests used the Spirent TestCenter test instrument to measure layer-2 unicast throughput and latency; layer-3 throughput and latency, with separate IPv4 and IPv6 tests; layer-2 multicast throughput and latency; layer-2 MAC address capacity; and in-service software upgrades and downgrades (ISSU/ISSD). All tests used version of Cisco’s IOS-XE software (with a .80 release for the ISSU test) and version 3.62 of Spirent TestCenter software.
Cisco doesn't just want to sell you switches. It also wants to be your power distribution vendor.
Iconics GENESIS32 and GENESIS64 Multiple Security Vulnerabilities
[SECURITY] [DSA 2254-2] oprofile security update
APPLE-SA-2011-07-15-2 iOS 4.2.9 Software Update for iPhone
APPLE-SA-2011-07-15-1 iOS 4.3.4 Software Update
ESA-2011-022: EMC Documentum eRoom Indexing Server HummingBird Client Connector Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
China's largest search engine, Baidu, has begun offering downloads of its new Internet browser, which boasts its own collection of 30,000" apps" that can quickly connect users to online games, videos and other tools.
Trademark owners can prevent their names from being misused in the new .xxx top-level domain by blocking these names, ICM Registry, the Florida-based registry operator for the .xxx top-level domain said.
If there's one telecom company that knows about the follies of supporting two distinct types of wireless technologies at once, it's Sprint.
Our esteemed editor-in-chief, John Dix, was on vacation this week, and that's a good thing. Not just because I get to take his place on this page, but because taking a vacation -- whether you're a regular employee or president of the company -- is a good idea.
IBM this week plans to announce a new version of its high-end, grid-architecture XIV storage system, which will offer four times the performance of its predecessor.
Unsanctioned devices, compromised networks, downtime -- today's IT is all about embracing imperfections
The Droid 3 brings honor to the family name. Except for missing 4G functionality, it's darn near perfect.
Most IT organizations will defer implementing IT service management until 'things get better.' But when will that happen?
A new federally mandated medical coding system requires a massive overhaul of healthcare IT systems that will be hard for many organizations to complete by the 2013 deadline.
A new and improved botnet that has infected 4.5 million Windows PCs is "practically indestructible," security researchers say.
In a wide-ranging discussion Friday with President Barack Obama's top science advisors, Federal CIO Vivek Kundra warned of the dangers of open data access and complained of "an IT cartel" of vendors.
NAND flash memory in PCs is posing a significant threat to the future market for DRAM, according to a new report that states solid state storage yields better performance than DRAM at a lower cost.
Amid allegations of fraud, bribery and kickbacks, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is calling on systems integrator SAIC to reimburse the city for the $600 million-plus it paid for the CityTime software project, a troubled long-running effort to overhaul the city's payroll system.
If you are drifting along with the current of technological change, are you spending any time drawing conclusions?
IT funding decisions are increasingly made by CFOs, a Gartner survey finds.
Grady Health Systems recently installed a cloud-based version of Microsoft Exchange to update an email service that had become a huge headache for the company's medical staff and IT team.
When IT provisions employees these days, it has to consider that just about anyone of reasonable means and modest technological acumen can go to a Best Buy and digitally suit up.
libpng 'pngerror.c' Off-By-One Error Denial Of Service Vulnerability
Never mind the infinite monkey theorem reproducing Shakespeare, what we were asked to ponder last week is a lone black macaque commandeering a photographer's unattended camera to shoot a few amusing pictures ... and touch off a copyright debate in the process.
The devil is in the details and when it comes to electronics, that's what's annoying Gibbs.

Posted by InfoSec News on Jul 18

By Mike Sullivan
The Sun
18 July 2011

MET Police chief Sir Paul Stephenson quit last night over his friendship
with ex-News of the World deputy editor Neil Wallis.

His resignation came hours after ex-News International chief Rebekah
Brooks was arrested over allegations of corruption and phone...

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By Robert Lemos
Contributing Writer
Dark Reading
July 15, 2011

In mid-May, Lockheed Martin notified law enforcement and government
authorities that one of its systems had been breached. The defense
contractor later confirmed that attackers used information stolen from
RSA, Lockheed's...

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By Tom Bryant
Daily Mirror

LADY Gaga has called in police after thousands of her fans' personal
details were stolen from her website.

Her record label Univeral acted after the site was hacked into by US
cyber attackers SwagSec.

A source said: "She's upset and hopes police get to the bottom of how

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By Sarah Martin
The Advertiser
July 18, 2011

THE South Australian Government has ordered an urgent investigation into
its medical laboratory, Medvet, over a privacy bungle.

The security breach, which resulted in the online publishing of the
personal details of people seeking paternity and drug...

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By Jason Felch
Los Angeles Times
July 16, 2011

A security computer at the San Onofre nuclear generating plant near San
Clemente mysteriously shut down early Saturday morning, prompting the
plant manager to issue an "unusual event" report.

The computer, which monitors gates and doors as one part of the plant's
Internet Storm Center Infocon Status