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hackers using the handle @unknown_br have dumped a list of websites that got mass defaced over the weekend. This which are all .com or .ca range all different types of websites.

OS X Mountain Lion is something of a mixed bag for enterprise environments: it adds some very useful features, but its tight integration with iCloud could raise red flags for CIOs and IT pros, says columnist Ryan Faas.
Apple has asked the European Commission to intervene in its patent battle with Motorola Mobility, according to a filing with the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) made by Motorola Mobility late Friday.
Team b4lc4nh4ck has been at it again with XDEV hacking and leaking a fairly big amount of user accounts from http://www.ceasarshop.nl/ an adult shop that sells sex toys adn dvds etc.

A hacker using the handle NORTON-Z has dumped a list of claimed 300+ accounts from a well known web developing school/site. w3schools.in the india domain for them was attacked and total fo 202 accounts leaked and the attack is said to of happened as norton-z is anti-india.

An Anonymous hacker who use's the handle poltergeisth4cker has dumped a list of 46 websites that they have hacked and left defaced. The attacks are in relation to "free tibet" and all sites are chinese based

Maurizio Paniz has come under attack from anonymous hackers who have started operationitaly agasint the italian government. The website, which the main part appears to be offline as well was http://www.mauriziopaniz.it/public/ and could still be seen defaced at time of publishing.

One of the longer going anonymous based operations, #OpBlitzkrieg which is basically aimed at taking down nazis has taken another victim under there belt today.

In what started out as most anonymous hacks do, they hack websites in hope to find leads or other information that may lead to exposing company's wrong doings, well in this case its turned out a bit different when they hacked labusinessconnect.com they found the data base for adultstaffing.com/default.cfm.

Sunday's launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note should be one of the biggest smartphone launches ever -- its screen is 5.3 in. diagonally.
Over the past 30 hours or so there has been two fairly big story's that have both come from attacks carried out by the same hacker, first Harvard got exposed and hacked and had emails leaked and then today 5 Australian government websites got hacked.

It doesn't seem to be summing up to a good week end for webmasters and administration of many australian servers wth an earlier leak of data from 5 australian government websites and now a report is coming out that BP and castrol australia have both been hacked. The attack which has been carried out by Turkish hacker using the handle UzmaN (Expert in English) has left the two sites defaced, both defacings are on subdomains and one is located in a temp folder for the subdomain.

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