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Perhaps Facebook is taking advantage of the summer doldrums, or maybe it's a sign that it really is listening to its users.
NetApp reported Wednesday that revenue was 36% higher than last quarter, with product revenue up 51%.
Google's foray into the smartphone market has become the subject of numerous books written to explain its Android technology.
Raphael Reich looks at 5 sources of unstructured data at risk of being overlooked or underprotected
Dell shareholders re-elected company CEO and Chairman Michael Dell to the board of directors, but a large segment of investors are questioning the company's leadership, observers said on Wednesday.
OutSystems leverages Amazon's cloud platform for developers building Java and .Net applications
An HTC tablet running Google's Chrome operating system will be sold by Verizon Wireless in late November, according to a source cited by the blog Downloadsquad.
Free software once used only by the CIA. A pen that will change your life. Brandon Gregg shares these and other inexpensive ways to manage corporate investigations.
Four satellite-based broadband providers and emergency responders were among the winners in a new list of broadband grants and loans announced by two federal agencies.
Perhaps you heard the news yesterday about a fake Facebook "dislike" button that quickly spread virally across the service.
Office for the Mac 2011, set for an October launch, will include a pair of popular features that were first added to Office for Windows earlier this year.
The scoop: iMo Monster 10-inch touchscreen monitor, by MIMO Monitors, about $260
Fujifilm's new FinePix Real 3D W3 point-and-shoot lets you take 3D photos and videos. But while it's a lot of fun to play with, it's not as easy as it looks.
Most IT professionals use private e-mail accounts to transfer confidential corporate information -- the same routine used by an Apple manager charged with bribery.
If the speculation pans out and Facebook unveils a location-aware service, the news will excite some users, raise new privacy concerns and make for a really bad day for the folks at Foursquare Labs.
SanDisk today announced what it is calling a new category in solid state drives, an embedded SSD that uses a SATA interface and has throughput that peaks at 160MB/sec.
The scope of potential damages in Oracle's intellectual-property lawsuit against SAP has been lessened after a judge's order.
While Google easily hung onto its first-place spot in the U.S. search engine market last month, Yahoo made a slight advance., and others will be up for grabs in New York auction,
SanDisk today announced what it is calling a new category in solid state drives, an embedded SSD that uses a SATA interface and has throughput that peaks at 160MB/sec.
Mozilla said it will not patch a bug that blocks the display of a warning when Firefox detects a potentially deceptive URL, saying the flaw was not a threat.
Analysts say that HP's agreement to buy Fortify Software should make corporate users more aware of the need for improved application security.
We laugh with them... well, OK, sometimes we laugh at them, too.
The company confirms it is on track with an Android version of Adobe AIR, which enables Flash apps to run outside a browser
The Swedish Pirate Party has agreed with Wikileaks to host several new servers and provide the site bandwidth for free, it said on Tuesday.
The former chairman and founder of Indian outsourcer Satyam Computer Services was released on bail on Wednesday by the High Court in Andhra Pradesh, state of south India.
Today's hassle is short and sweet. Actual, the hassle itself is nothing of the kind, but the solution certainly is.
Google CEO Eric Schmidt fears that too much information is shared online, and predicts that people will one day change their name and reinvent themselves in order to escape their digital past. That point of view might be extreme, but it is true that social networking has forced us to more closely examine and redefine the concepts of privacy and identity.
The latest version of the SDK (Software Development Kit) for Google's cloud platform App Engine comes with multitenancy capability, the company said in a blog post on Tuesday.
Dell took the number one slot for the first time in the Indian PC market from Hewlett-Packard in the second quarter, on account of strong marketing and a solid base of channel partners, research firm IDC India said on Wednesday.
The download speeds that consumers get are about half of those promised by service providers, according to a report released this week by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission.
The U.S. government has welcomed North Korea's jump onto Twitter and challenged the country to let its citizens see the recently created account.
Silverlight challenges the RIA supremacy of Flash, Flex, and AIR with superior development tools and design tool integration
Having the right tech tools can give students a leg up at college. Our guide for gift-givers and students rounds up the best gadgets and apps to ease the transition back to campus.
We test Nvidia's latest high-end professional graphics card to see whether it can do the job.
A Canadian PC maker is offering a laptop with a massive 4TB of storage and Intel's fastest six-core processor, a rare combination of such high-end parts for a portable computer.
Toshiba will detail a breakthrough in data storage later Wednesday that it says paves the way for hard drives with vastly higher capacity than today.
Symantec and F-Secure issued separate warnings this week that the Android-based Tap Snake game can secretly be used to track a the location and movements of users.

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