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There are many thousands of apps available. (As Apple's advertising campaign says, "There's an app for that.") But some apps are simply must-haves--whether for their functionality, interface brilliance, or sheer entertainment factor.
BCA, Bangladeshi cyber army has sent out a message as part of the on going cyber war that has been fueled by the deaths of many on the borders.

@ur0b0r0x has claimed to of hacked 20 big company's. which include sony, Sony pictures, CBS, warnerbros, fox and a bunch of others. the leak which was announce via twitter first on march 12th with mentions to the big companys in a way of a taunt.

PCP, Pak Cyber Pytres have retaliated for a recent attack from Indian hackers on defence.pk. As a result over 200 sites have been left defaced so far and mo doubt it wont stop there if its like anything we have seen in the past.

ActCrew, Aceh Cyber Team has joined the war against Israel for freedom of Palestine. In whats been dubbed #opfreepalestine by some has seen hundreds if not thousands of sites attacked so far by many different teams and hackers.

One of the least appreciated new wireless features brings entirely new capabilities to the iPad, says columnist Mike Elgan. And he's not talking about LTE.
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