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As a business traveler, you typically can’t do your job without functional smartphones, laptops, power adapters and charging accessories. Add to this the stress of getting materials ready for meetings and deadlines and you can find yourself disconnected, offline, and frustrated. If you have to travel for work this holiday season, you can relate to these following issues with tech and travel.
The U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee has postponed further debate on the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) until after Congress' holiday break.
In the three-and-a-half years since Apple opened the App Store’s virtual doors, App-mania shows no signs of abating. The concept of an Apple-managed software store has become so widely embraced, that the company even created a Mac version of the App Store this past January.
The iPad has been making in-roads in the classroom ever since its 2010 debut. If Apple’s tablet is going to continue progressing to the head of the class, it will be with apps like our two favorite educational offerings leading the way.
This is the third year we’ve handed out App Gems awards to the top iOS apps. And each year, we’ve noticed a few familiar faces among the leading contenders. Certain apps could claim a trophy every year—they embody the best of what the iOS platform has to offer and continually introduce improvements and enhancements that make them the class of the App Store. To recognize this ongoing level of excellence, we’ve created the App Hall of Fame. Five iOS favorite make up our inaugural class of perpetually top-notch apps.
One of the most widely used cameras in the world isn’t a DSLR or even a point-and-shoot—it’s the one that comes built into your iOS device. Certainly, the main reason for that is convenience, but iOS photographers also have a number of great photo apps at their disposal. We’ve selected three photo tools—an all-in-one offering that promises to take care of most of your photographic needs, a versatile image editor, and an editing app that focuses on a particular task. We’ve also picked an app that takes the iPhone’s video-capture capabilities in exciting new directions.
It isn’t that hard to come up with a list of App Gems winners. The difficult part is keeping that list down to a manageable length.
Few App Store categories saw as much upheaval in the past year as news delivery apps did. Developers have seized on the idea of letting mobile device users customize their news. They've also found new ways of delivering streaming video straight to your iOS device. Our two top news app picks represent the best of those particular trends.
In a jobless recovery, with ageism rampant and retirement options anything but secure, Mike Elgan shows how people are re-inventing themselves by using Internet tools like Google+, among others, to create and market their own businesses without the need of a middleman.
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