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Using a little-known tech firm can produce big benefits, but it requires doing your homework.
Google will drop support for Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) for its online apps and services in mid-November, effectively ending support for many users of Windows XP.
In the week ending 15 September - jQuery went MIT-only, Firefox OS got shown off, VirtualBox 4.2 arrived, and Google gave money for an Eclipse performance test lab. Also, the newest tools and drivers for Linux, and recent kernel developments

The U.S. House now has dueling STEM visa bills, thanks to a bill introduced on Friday by Democrats.
Apple announced a lineup of great products this week, but there was something conspicuously missing. The big announcement revealed that Apple without Steve Jobs is a different company.
Google responded to allegations it stopped the launch of a new Acer smartphone in China, by stating that the handset's Chinese-developed mobile OS was "apparently derived" from Android, but still not fully compatible with the Android ecosystem and its apps.
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