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A bit of a twist on the Nigerian 419 scam, where the scammer is claiming that they represent the UN and various governments trying to return scammed money back to the victims. It is making the rounds in various forms. I've said it before, I'll say it again, If it seems to good to be true, it is. Money sent to fraudsters in foreign countries is lost, gone forever. One looks like this:
FROM: PAUL OWENS Co. Solicitors.

Dear Beneficiary,

We are London based solicitors working as representative solicitors to the United Nations, delegated to Nigeria for the investigation and payment of allscam victims and all unreleased payments. In the course of a recently concluded 2010 investigations and subsequent arrests of suspected fraudsters in African region, in collaboration with the present governments of Nigeria, Ghana, Cote D'Ivoire, Burkina Faso and South Africa, the UN security operatives have so far arrested and prosecuted over 300 government and banking officials and arrest is still going on.

So far, the UN security operative has also recovered about $5.1 Billion from both cash in accounts and properties and assets confiscated. It is from the address books of the arrested officials that your email address was recovered.

Right now, the United Nations (UN) and their Africa Union (AU) counterpart is paying a $3,000,000.00 compensation to those whose emails addresses and other personal data are recovered and also paying full contract or inheritance and wining amounts to those with provable information qualifying them as genuine contractors and beneficiaries of funds in the affected countries.

Which Category do you fall? Have you lost money to scam? or are you still in communication with anyone? Are you a legitimate contractor and fund beneficiary in any of the affected countries? Please respond to this e-mail for your compensation payment to be released to you.

Please, indicate clearly as you get back to me for proper guidelines and details on how to receive this compensation OR your full payment. After search through the internets and various confessions from this impostors, we found these details about you and we would want you to reconfirm I would want you to reconfirm and get back to me and I will give you directives on how you are to get your funds. Your Funds has been approved by the UN, Federal Government of Nigeria and the Federal Ministry of Finance so you are covered.

All I do need from you to reconfirm your informations properly

(1)Your Name In Full :....................

(2)Your Delivery Address:.............

(3)Your Occupation:.......................

(4)Your Contact Telephone Number:.......

(5) Age:..................

(6) Sex:..................

So, what do you think? Legit or scam? I am leaning towards scam. Still the odd typo and awkward grammar. Oh, and the Gmail address for the Solicitors is a bit of a giveaway. Last but not least, the phone number also belongs to INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND (IMF, HEAD OFFICE NO: 23 ADEBOYE ST,APAPA LAGOS. TELEPHONE : +234-8024892004. Thanks to CJ for sending this one in. Comments?

Adrien de Beaupr


Teaching SANS Sec560 in Toronto #sanstoronto, 21-26 Nov 2011

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ProFTPD Prior To 1.3.3g Use-After-Free Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
Arthur Levinson, former CEO of biotech company Genentech, is taking on the chairmanship of Apple's board, filling the role that Apple founder Steve Jobs vacated when he died last month.
Dell on Tuesday reported a small dip in revenue for the third quarter, owing to weaker consumer demand for PCs, but recorded an increase in earnings.
LightDM '.Xauthority' Arbitrary File Access Vulnerability
Apple iOS FreeType CVE-2011-3439 Multiple Memory Corruption Vulnerabilities
Western Digital today announced its first storage array for small- and medium-sized businesses. The array comes in 4TB and 8TB capacities.
The Supreme Court earlier this month heard arguments on a relatively common drug case, but there is a chance for this case to set the groundwork, for good or ill, on resolving most of the issues I discussed recently regarding the murky state of privacy protections from the government in the United States.
Facebook users have been bombarded with explicit and violent images in the latest malware campaign aimed at the giant social networking site, a security researcher said today.
Adobe Flash Player CVE-2011-2451 Remote Memory Corruption Vulnerability
Centreon 'command_name' Parameter Remote Command Execution Vulnerability
Enterprises swayed by vendor marketing and a lack of understanding still fail to adequately counter advanced persistent threats (APT).

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Verizon Wireless will sell a rugged Casio push-to-talk cellphone starting Nov. 23 for $149.99 after rebate.
Now that IPv6 is imminent, you’ll need some IPv6 address space. Working with ARIN to request IPv6 differs from IPv4 procedures. Insider (registration required)
Intel is drumming up support for its latest 50-core Knights Corner and Xeon E5 server chips, which are key elements in the company's plans to scale performance while reducing power consumption moving toward an exascale supercomputer by 2018.
Facebook users have been bombarded with explicit and violent images in the latest malware campaign aimed at the giant social networking site, a security researcher said today.
Microsoft will reduce the number of distracting restarts for updates to Windows 8, part of its plan to simplify how people interact with the upcoming OS, a company manager said today.
Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), a nonprofit medical research organization, has implemented a 100G Ethernet network to boost bandwidth for advanced data analysis.
Adobe Flash Player CVE-2011-2455 Remote Memory Corruption Vulnerability
Adobe Flash Player CVE-2011-2458 Cross Domain Security Bypass Vulnerability
Adobe Flash Player CVE-2011-2460 Remote Memory Corruption Vulnerability
Joomla! obSuggest Component 'controller' Parameter Local File Include Vulnerability
Ilya Zhitomirskiy, the 22-year-old co-founder of privacy-focused social network Diaspora, has died in San Francisco.
Android's well-documented fragmentation issues apparently aren't deterring consumers from snatching up Android phones.
Facebook has reduced the amount of personal data it releases to users as required by European Union law despite an ongoing audit by Ireland's Data Protection Commissioner.
Google, Yahoo, Facebook and several other large Web companies today joined a growing chorus of strong opposition to proposed legislation that aims to curb online IP and copyright theft by foreign sites.
Touchscreens could be extinct if researchers pioneering new human-computer interfaces have anything to say about it. From brain-controlled machines to gesture-driven devices, there's a range of technologies in development that may find their way into everyday electronic devices.
WikiLeaks' founder Julian Assange filed an appeal on Tuesday to take his case to the U.K.'s Supreme Court in a bid to block his extradition to Sweden on possible charges of sexual assault and rape.
Red Hat has outfitted its OpenShift hosted application platform with a set of application development lifecycle tools to simplify deployment on the PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service).
Steve Jobs initially hoped to create his own network with the unlicensed spectrum that Wi-Fi uses rather than work with the mobile operators, said wireless industry legend John Stanton.
[ MDVSA-2011:175 ] poppler
Verizon Communications was singled out today as one of the nation's biggest tax dodgers by two citizen action groups and the Communication Workers of America (CWA) union.
Cloud storage provider Syncplicity announced it has enabled file-sharing capabilities on Android OS smartphones and tablets.
APPLE-SA-2011-11-14-1 iTunes 10.5.1
[ MDVSA-2011:174 ] graphite2
Vendors of Android smartphones have been slow in pushing updates to users. It's a weakness in Google's decentralized approach.
This is the 40th anniversary of the release of the Intel 4004 -- the first commercially available microprocessor.
Amazon Web Services (AWS) wants to attract more high-performance computing users to its cloud and has launched a public beta of Cluster Compute Eight Extra Large, its most powerful cloud service yet.
The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) doesn't think that the digital advertising industry can efficiently regulate itself and argues that the self-regulatory principles for multisite data recently published by the Digital Advertising Alliance will suffer from a lack of enforcement.
Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird CVE-2011-3651 Multiple Memory Corruption Vulnerabilities
Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird CVE-2011-3652 Remote Memory Corruption Vulnerability
Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird CVE-2011-3654 SVG '<mpath>' Remote Memory Corruption Vulnerability
Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird Shift-JIS Encoding HTML Injection Vulnerability
WD has returned to the consumer and small-business NAS market with its Sentinel DX4000, a 4-bay box that leverages Microsoft's Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials operating system.
Adobe released six new Touch Apps for the Android market on Monday, along with the Creative Cloud, which integrates content across the new apps with the desktop Creative Suite. The apps are optimized for a touchscreen interface and address multiple steps in the creative workflow, including image editing, ideation, sketching, mood boards, wireframing, and presenting all of that work to clients.
AT&T was the biggest Internet service provider for U.S. businesses in September, with 20% of the total business Internet traffic, followed by Verizon with a 12% share, ComScore said.
Arista Networks this week has rolled out four switches and enhanced software designed to address the scalability, resilience and density requirements of cloud computing.
I want a PC that performs well in every regard. It needs to be the decathlete of the computing world, a high-performance gaming rig capable of running Windows on at least two displays while handling Photoshop and Premiere Pro editing duties with speed and aplomb. Of course, digital photography and video editing require both good CPU chops and decent GPU performance. And games can be CPU-draining simulators or GPU-punishing virtual worlds--sometimes both at the same time.
Researchers have devised a new scheme for hiding secret data within VoIP packets, making it possible to carry on legitimate voice conversations while stolen data piggybacks on the call undetected, making its way to thieves on the outside.
Fusion-io today announced a new in-server flash module that offers up to 10TB of capacity and 1.3 million I/O's per second performance.
Samsung became the biggest smartphone vendor in the world during the third quarter, and Android's market share has surpassed 50 percent for the first time, market research company Gartner said on Tuesday as it reported on phone sales to end-users.
StarTech has released two devices for duplicating hard drives (or SSDs) to create exact bootable drive copies in about half the time of more traditional methods.
A new computer system created by researchers at Stanford University can diagnose breast cancer better than pathologists.
Adoption of Mac OS X 10.7, also known as Lion, has stalled, according to statistics from online ad analytics company Chitika.
The recently discovered Duqu Trojan has gotten a lot of attention in the security research community. Here's why.
Although some call Dart a JavaScript killer, lead engineer says it brings needed discipline to create large-scale JavaScript apps
Google plans to release to customers in the future a version of Google+, already in use internally at the company, that has features designed specifically for workplace collaboration.
Fujitsu said Tuesday it will work with Whamcloud to develop new features for the open-source Lustre file system aimed at high-performance computing.

Posted by InfoSec News on Nov 14


By Stephen Lawson
IDG News Service
November 14, 2011

Huawei Technologies will buy out the rest of a joint venture with
Symantec for US$530 million, the companies announced on Monday.

The venture, based in Hong Kong, was formed in 2008 to integrate
Symantec storage and security software into appliances built with
Huawei's telecommunications equipment...

Posted by InfoSec News on Nov 14


By Dan Noyes
Chief Investigative Reporter
November 14, 2011

The ABC7 News I-Team has discovered that some of the same people who
launched the Occupy movement are now considering a plan to occupy the
airwaves. By hijacking radio and television stations, they could create
a nationwide panic.

The aim for these activists would be to broadcast their own message...

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By Michael Lee
November 15, 2011

The Australian Defence Signals Directorate (DSD) has inadvertently made
its 2012 Information Security Manual available to the public before
officially announcing it due to a misconfiguration of its web server.

The DSD has incorrectly configured its web server to allow any user to
view file listings of certain...

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By Gregg Keizer
November 14, 2011

An Iranian government official yesterday acknowledged that the Duqu
attacks had infected computers in the country but claimed that the
Trojan was "under control," according to a report by a state-run news

In response, an antivirus researcher blamed Iran for giving...

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By Dan Goodin
The Register
14th November 2011

One of the world's most advanced pieces of malware is being used to
spread DNS Changer, a trojan at the heart of a massive click fraud
scheme that has already hijacked 4 million PCs, security researchers

Just a few days after federal prosecutors in the US shuttered the
international conspiracy, researchers from Dell...
Salesforce.com has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Model Metrics, a cloud computing consulting and services company, with practices in the areas of mobile computing and social technologies, it said Monday.
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