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A new website features more than 100 mobile business applications from almost 30 independent software vendors that can be tested over the Internet on a rugged Honeywell handheld operating in a lab.
HP scientists have made a small breakthrough in the development of a next-generation memory technology called memristors, which some see as a potential replacement for today's widely used flash and DRAM technologies.

Real-time, Actionable Intelligence I Can Have Today!
CSO (blog)
I awoke one morning have had one of those dreams that is an epiphany. The answer presents itself in a dream so clearly that the problem is solved. The problem I had been vexed with for weeks if not months ...

A month from today, the Chromebooks from Samsung and Acer will hit the street. Google hopes to revolutionize mobile computing and free us from the shackles of the traditional PC experience, but the Chromebook is going to fizzle.

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