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Ckothing and items supplier David morgan has had its website hacked and a huge amount of accounts leaked online. The attack comes from p0keu and all accounts have encrpted passwords.

In the Warming war cyber war between Arabs and Iraeli's has come out with another new attack that, if true to the word, will be one of the biggest leaks to date for the on going cyber war.

Part three of the 30,00,000 email accounts that are in the process of being leaked, in the notes you can see that he has made statements to the media about the amount of email accounts and that it is in fact 30million not 30thousand.

Part two of the millions of email accounts that is on its way to being leaked.

Hannibal, the hacker who is leaking tons of accounts in the on going cyber war between Israeli hackers and saudi hackers. this leak has so far come in 3 parts and is said to contain 30,000,000 emails accounts that belong to "arabs".

0xOmar, if you don't know the name by now you have been living under a rock, he has recently also sent out a message to Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for Israel, Danny Ayalon in response to the message Mr Ayalon sent out to the Israeli hackers who have been attacking other country's in relation to 0xOmars claimed attacks.

0xOmar, the self claimed Saudi Arabian hacker who leaked hundreds of thousands of Israeli credit cards has been quite for a week or so until a few days ago where he has once again fired up and started throwing threats around and calling for more hackers to join his fight against Israeli's.

0xOmar has leaked a a further 200 credit card details in the past few days and has also left a message for pastebin on pastebin.

The first song off of the upcoming project "Expect Us". J.D. is rapping from the perspective of S.O.P.A. who feels he is "Untouchable" because of his accomplishments since he was born.

Small hosting company, Zone Technologies from south Africa has been hit by hackers going under the handle of "The Israeli Hackers Team".

IT would seem that itt has finally happened, few weeks ago we got alerted to a possible T-Mobile hack and can now confirm its true, the attack which has exposed the weakness of security that the administators use for passwords.

A hacker going by the handle of AngelX under the team name Team Myst3ri0us has dumped a load of email account logins.

Just a couple of random account dumps from over the weekend, cant promise the authenticity but its better to be safe then sorry.

An Israeli hacker has continued to wage cyber war towards Arabic's by releasing a huge amount of facebook accounts being dumped. In the dump comes a clear message which can be seen below,

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