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Like every new Windows release, Windows 8 is more secure than the operating systems that came before it. That's due in large part to three major enhancements: An increased emphasis on UEFI Secure Boot optimizations, the extension of the SmartScreen Filter across the operating system, and the default inclusion of a more robust version of Windows Defender, which now protects against all kinds of malware--not just spyware.
Samsung Electronics has acquired Nvelo, a Silicon Valley vendor of products for caching data on flash-based SSDs (solid-state disks).
Well-known American inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil is joining Google.
A new generation of free virtual assistant apps that are more powerful than Siri and Google Voice Search represent the future of human-machine interaction, and they are here now, writes columnist Mike Elgan.
In the week ending 15 December - WhatsApp fixes its application again, Samba 4 is released, Ubuntu Community Manager Jono Bacon apologises to Richard Stallman, and Thorsten Leemhuis looks at Linux 3.7

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