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A website that openly facilitated the brokering of compromised passwords, stolen bitcoins, and other sensitive data has been hacked, exposing login data, IP addresses, e-mail addresses, purchase histories, and private messages for some 500,000 members.

Nulled.io, a hacker forum that used the tagline "expect the unexpected," was compromised earlier this month in a hack that exposed virtually all of the private data associated with it, security researchers said. As of publication time, more than a week later, the resulting 1.3 gigabyte compressed archive file remained available on a popular data breach sharing site on the clear Web. It was easily accessible to anyone, including hacking victims, fellow hackers, and law enforcement agents. The dump was discovered by analysis firm Risk Based Security and confirmed by Troy Hunt, operator of the have i been pwned? breach disclosure service.

"When services such as Nulled.io are compromised and data is leaked, often it exposes members who prefer to remain anonymous and hide behind screen names," the Risk Based Security blog post stated. "By simply searching by e-mail or IP addresses, it can become evident who might be behind various malicious deeds. As you can imagine, this can lead to significant problems for forum users."

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SU's Information Security team will be monitoring for reports of phishing attacks, and will communicate with the campus or individual units if significant threats are detected or reported. Please don't hesitate to contact ITS at [email protected] ...

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evious diary (Unity Makes Strength), I briefly mentioned MISP(which means Malware Information Sharing Platform). Since this tool is becomingmore and more popular, Id like to give more details about it.Sharing is key could be the slogan of MISP. The ideais to allow different organizations to share IOCs (Indicators of Compromize) like IP addresses, domains, hashes, URLs, filenames, ... Thegoal is to increase their ability to protect themselves against malicious activities. With millions of new samples spread in the wild everyday, new domain generation algorithms (DGAs) and ever-changing C2 topologies, its mandatory to join our forces to fight the bad guys.">">The core components of MISP are classic: a database and a web interface which looks like a classicticketing system where people can manage their IoC">But, with the growing amount of data to manage, the key is automation. MISP has many ways to be interconnected to 3rd party systems. How?MISP offers a great REST API to manage IOCs in both ways.">In the other way, manual input of new IOCs can be a real pain. They can be">Directly from some"> #!/usr/bin/pythonimport urllib2authkey = req = urllib2.Request(!splunk_ignore/Network%20activity/domain/false/false/false/5d)req.add_header(Authorization, authkey)res = urllib2.urlopen(req)content = res.read()print content"> $ python misp_get_domains.pyuuid,event_id,category,type,value,comment,to_ids,date57309706-6d88-45cd-9fe3-49d1950d210f,2372,Network activity,domain,coffeol.com,C2s,1,2016050957309707-363c-447a-afdb-4648950d210f,2372,Network activity,domain,updo.nl,C2s,1,2016050957320a09-aa54-4ee2-99cc-409c95ca48b7,2375,Network activity,domain,eclipse-upload.com,,1,2016051057321711-6100-49c4-bc16-573295ca48b7,2376,Network activity,domain,goog-upps.pw,Imported via the freetext import.,1,2016051057321711-6454-4801-840e-573295ca48b7,2376,Network activity,domain,new-uppdate.pw,Imported via the freetext import.,1,2016051057321713-feac-460e-8c63-573295ca48b7,2376,Network activity,domain,google-market2016.com,Imported via the freetext import.,1,2016051057321719-5144-466e-9bba-573295ca48b7,2376,Network activity,domain,android-update16.pw,Imported via the freetext import.,1,201605105732171a-1404-41b5-8eb1-573295ca48b7,2376,Network activity,domain,android-update14.pw,Imported via the freetext import.,1,201605105732171a-28d4-4700-9491-573295ca48b7,2376,Network activity,domain,android-update15.pw,Imported via the freetext import.,1,20160510">But, the most interesting feature is maybe the integration of MISP instances between organizations. Im running a local MISP instance which is synchronized with other ones. Ill receive automatically new IOCsbut all my locally created data will be spread to my peers. But, even if sharing is key, there are always some data that must remain inside an organization for multiple purposes. Some organizations will not share all information with me and same for me.">Today, MISP is more and more deployed and used by CERTs but also private organizations who need to increase their ability to detect malicious activity on their networks.The official MISP website is: misp-project.org.If you want to test it, Im also maintaining a Docker container ready to use.And you? Do you already use MISP? How did you integrate it within your defense layers?Would you be interested to have access to a MISP instance?">">Xavier Mertens
ISC Handler - Freelance Security Consultant
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