Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird/Seamonkey CVE-2013-0790 Memory Corruption Vulnerability
Keyboard taps, GUI-less Metasploit, slow scan evasion, infected game hacks, android security fundamentals, fast updating botnets, chinese hackers, underhanded C and laptops in Iran – all things that are lost and found on The H Security this week

In the week ending 13 April – Glyn Moody looks at 15 years of Mozilla, a first and final beta of Ubuntu 13.04, Debian gets a server from Bytemark, the first open source version of LiveCode and NVIDIA driver improvements for Linux

The low-power capabilities of ARM-based processors have created high expectations for their use in servers, but one of Dell's top engineers said they are unlikely to take off until 64-bit versions hit the market.
The clothing most of us wear hasn't changed to keep up with mobile technology. But there are apparel makers that are rising to the challenge.
Internet Storm Center Infocon Status