WebSurgery v1.1 released (Web application security testing suite)
XSS on Juniper JUNOS 11.4 Embedthis Appweb 3.2.3
vulnerability issue for DB2 express
RUCKUS ADVISORY ID 111113-1: Authenticated code injection vulnerability in ZoneDirector administrative web interface
Security researchers have uncovered an unpatched vulnerability in Windows that has been exploited by attackers in an unusual "watering hole" campaign launched from a U.S.-based website that specializes in domestic and international security policy.
Bugzilla 'attachment.cgi' Cross Site Request Forgery Vulnerability
Cisco wasn't the only networking company making big virtualization news last week with the debut of its Insieme product line and Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) strategy aimed at virtualizing the data center. F5 Networks, in addition to announcing that it will work hand-in-hand with Cisco on ACI integration, launched its own Synthesis Architecture for Software-Defined Application Services, which aims to virtualize networking functions above Layers 2/3.
At first blush, F5 Networks' new Synthesis Architecture for Software-Defined Application Services might appear to compete with new offerings from Cisco and VMware. But no, F5 CEO John McAdam and executive vice president of Strategic Solutions Manuel Rivelo tell IDG Communications Chief Content Officer John Gallant that F5 is very much in sync with these two data center giants (we did not, however, press them on the relationship between Cisco and VMware).

Re: Olympics: British Mobility Technology on Show in London

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Bugzilla 'editflagtypes.cgi' Multiple Cross Site Scripting Vulnerabilities
In a testament to the rise of on-demand entertainment, Netflix and YouTube now consume just over half of all downstream traffic in North America, while peer-to-peer file-sharing services continue to plummet, according to a new study.
Xen CVE-2013-4494 Local Denial of Service Vulnerability
Xen OXenstored CVE-2013-4416 Denial of Service Vulnerability
Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Auto-Update Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability
Google launched a person finder and relief map to help people locate loved ones in the wake of the devastating typhoon that whipped through the Philippines.
Gloves do not faze the Galaxy S 4.
Andrew Cunningham

Back in July 2013, The Washington Post reported that nearly a decade ago, the National Security Agency developed a new technique that allowed spooks to “find cellphones even when they were turned off. JSOC troops called this ‘The Find,’ and it gave them thousands of new targets, including members of a burgeoning al-Qaeda-sponsored insurgency in Iraq, according to members of the unit.”

Many security researchers scratched their heads trying to figure out how this could be so. The British watchdog group Privacy International took it upon itself to ask eight major mobile phone manufacturers if and how this was possible in August 2013. On Monday, the group published replies from the four firms that have responded thus far: Ericsson, Google, Nokia, and Samsung. (Apple, HTC, Microsoft, and BlackBerry have not yet sent in a response.)

A research officer at the organization, Richard Tynan, wrote that “two themes stood out among the companies that replied: hardware manufacturers claim that they strive to switch off almost all their components while the phone is powered down, and if tracking occurs it is likely due to the installation of malware onto the phone.” Here are a few of the responses:

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SciPy 'scipy.weave' Insecure Temporary Directory Creation Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
SPIP 'logout.php' CVE-2013-4555 Cross Site Request Forgery Vulnerability
Google already has Google Glass, but now it's taking the wearable technology concept a big step further: It's developing an electronic skin tattoo for the throat that can act as a microphone for a smartphone, tablet or other device.
After spending 166 days in space, three astronauts returned to Earth in a Russian Soyuz spacecraft.
Security researchers have uncovered two unpatched vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer which have been exploited by attackers in an unusual "watering hole" campaign launched from a U.S.-based website that specializes in domestic and international security policy.
To encourage developers to create more mobile applications to run from its cloud services, Google is offering two new or updated frameworks to run the complicated but necessary back-end infrastructure of mobile apps, freeing developers to concentrate on the more innovative parts of their work.
The new BlackBerry Z30 offers a bright 5-in. display, exceptionally long battery life and improved software. But can the company stick around long enough to make it matter?
BIP SSL Handshake Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability

The epic blunder that led to the publication of more than 130 million encrypted Adobe passwords is generating security alerts at some unlikely websites now that researchers have figured out how to decrypt significant portions of the massive trove.

Members of Facebook's security team have already combed through the cache to identify users who used the same login credentials on both the Adobe and Facebook sites, and in some cases they have mandated password resets based on that analysis, KrebsonSecurity's Brian Krebs reported. A spokesman told him it was a routine measure Facebook employees take to safeguard user accounts following big breaches.

Indeed, the practice makes sense. Adobe's use of reversible cryptography using a semi-transparent encryption mode has allowed researchers to decipher a large number of passcodes. Last week, password security expert Jeremi Gosney published a list of the top 100 Adobe passwords, and as usual, it was topped by dogs such as "123456", "123456789", and "password". If the credentials are this easy for whitehats to come by, there's nothing stopping blackhats from doing even better since they have so much more to gain. Armed with a user e-mail and corresponding Adobe password, they're free to try the combination to hijack accounts on other sites and then use them in spam and phishing campaigns, along with other fraudulent schemes.

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SaltStack Salt CVE-2013-4435 Multiple Command Injection Vulnerabilities
Tucked in amongst Apple's several hardware debuts last month was word that the company will stop charging for OS X and iWork. Why is Apple willing to forgo this small revenue stream? How might it affect IT buyers? The move is interesting on several fronts.
AT&T will start in-store sales of the new 6-in. Nokia Lumia 1520 on Nov. 22 for $199.99 and a two-year contract.
RETIRED: Linux Kernel WDM Video Capture Driver Heap Overflow Vulnerability
Smartphone subscriptions will triple and smartphone traffic will increase by a factor of 10 times between the end of this year and 2019. By that time about two-thirds of the world's population will be covered by LTE, according to a report from telecom vendor Ericsson.
British intelligence agency Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) reportedly used spoofed LinkedIn and Slashdot pages to compromise the computers of network engineers working for global roaming exchange providers based in Europe.
The IT infrastructure market in particular has been hit by an innovation drought since the IPO markets dried up around 2000.
The outcry over the NSA/GCHQ Internet surveillance scandal can't hide the fact that huge corporations won't say what they know.
Multiple OpenStack Products CVE-2013-1664 Denial of Service Vulnerability
PowerCloud Systems has released a cloud-based Wi-Fi solution that fills the gaps between residential products that lack management and features, and enterprise systems that can be overkill in smaller organizations.
As applications move to the cloud, network managers are seeing increasing requirements to optimize and manage WAN connections. Most enterprises have migrated to web-based applications and make heavy use of Internet services for day-to-day business. All of this makes network performance a key factor for productivity and end-user satisfaction.
Attaining the title of CIO was once as high as a techie could rise. Now we're in the 'age of the ampersand' as IT pros add VP, SVP, EVP or CVP onto their business cards. But do the new titles mean anything?
Apple's iPhone 5S and 5C have been on the market just seven weeks, but talk has already begun of what the Cupertino, Calif., company may have lined up for 2014's fall schedule.
Symantec Altiris Deployment Solution 'axengine.exe' SQL Injection Vulnerability
libguestfs CVE-2013-4419 Insecure Temporary Directory Creation Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
Review Board CVE-2013-4410 Access Bypass Vulnerability
Review Board CVE-2013-4411 Remote Security Bypass Vulnerability
Linux Kernel 'ipc_rcu_putref()' Function Local Denial of Service Vulnerability
Aiming to produce more electronics with the "Made in USA" label, Foxconn Technology Group said it was considering setting up a factory in Arizona to build TVs, display panels and product casings.
The engineer who oversaw development of Apple's Siri technology is now at Samsung building an online service for linking together the "Internet of things."
Microsoft's addition of real-time collaboration to its free Office Web Apps last week was necessary in the short term to counter Google Docs, analysts said.
Amazon.com is getting the U.S. Postal Service to deliver packages on Sundays to its customers, adding an additional facility to help it compete in the Internet retail market.
The fight between IBM and Amazon Web Services over a CIA cloud computing contract is just a preview of what's ahead as federal investment in cloud computing shows remarkable growth.

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Posted by InfoSec News on Nov 11


Kelly Jackson Higgins
Dark Reading
November 07, 2013

Nearly 60 percent of malware investigations in U.S. enterprises involve data
breaches that were not disclosed, according to new research.

Some 66 percent of security professionals at U.S. companies with more than 500
employees say they have investigated or worked on a breach that was not...

Posted by InfoSec News on Nov 11


By John E Dunn
08 November 2013

The teen owner of an Australian ‘bank’ that reported the theft of 4,100
Bitcoins (BTC) now worth $1.4 million Australian dollars (£820,000 or $1.3
million USD) has denied accusations that their loss was some kind of inside

Using the nickname ‘Tradefortress’ to protect his identity,...

Posted by InfoSec News on Nov 11


By Tracy Kitten
Bank Info Security
November 8, 2013

Security experts say they're pleased with many of the changes and additions in
this year's update to the Payment Card Industry's Data Security Standard and
the Application Data Security Standard. But they also note some glaring
omissions and express concern that neither standard has much enforcement action...
[SECURITY] [DSA 2794-1] spip security update
Vulnerability in Pydio/AjaXplorer < = 5.0.3
[ MDVSA-2013:265 ] kernel
Vulnerability in Pydio/AjaXplorer <= 5.0.3
Internet Storm Center Infocon Status