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Automation, not automaton. Still, we want efficient and automatic processes here.

Every system administrator deals with repetition. There are certain tasks I do every day, over and over, mostly with little change. So like most of my compatriots, I've become adept at automating. Life is too short to sit there and do the same things over and over—mindless repetition is a mind-killer. Over the years, I've learned that automation is valuable in almost any application. And these days, I get extremely annoyed when I see things that aren't easily automatable.

If an app doesn't have built-in automation options, it tells me that the developers are somewhat short-sighted—if not outright lazy. Automation allows an application or service to be extended; it creates functionality that wouldn't exist otherwise. It gives the people buying and using an app the ability to not only solve problems themselves but to figure out things that the dev didn't think of during development. After all, a dev and a user are different people with different brains looking at things through different eyes. To put it bluntly, a lack of automation tells me that the dev has little respect for their customers' time. They don't see a problem in making someone do the same task over and over for as long as that person uses the application.

Four letters save tons of time

Let's look at the first benefit of automation—extending existing functionality. One of the things that a good automation implementation does is give the user of the application the ability to do things that the dev may not consider important. Every developer has to make choices about what their app will and won't do. But if we aren't restricted to just the UI, we suddenly have options. Consider the Apple Mail of the past and its rather bizarre inability to import its own data. Prior to Mountain Lion (or possibly even Lion, and in Snow Leopard for sure), the individual message files for an IMAP account cache were labeled as .imapmbox files. That's not a big deal in and of itself, but it meant that importing this data back into Mail was rather difficult to do in large quantities. (This makes no sense to me, either. I cannot for the life of me imagine the logic in an application that cannot import its own data. But that's Mail for you.)

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The future was supposed to be automated and computerized. But it turns out that automation is creating demand for the human element.
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