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Intel will take a stake in semiconductor tools company ASML and invest in its research and development efforts, to advance manufacturing technologies that will help Intel produce smaller and more power-efficient chips, the chip maker announced Monday.
Apple on Monday released a "golden master" of OS X Mountain Lion to developers, putting the impending operating system on track to reach customers this month.
Advanced Micro Devices expects its second-quarter revenue to drop by 11 percent from the first quarter due to slow sales in China and Europe, the company said Monday.
WellinTech KingView Multiple Memory Corruption And Directory Traversal Vulnerabilities

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Closely following a similar announcement for its Windows 8 operating system, Microsoft also said it will release to manufacturers (RTM) its next-generation operating system for the server, Windows Server 2012, next month.
Asterisk Uncompleted Re-invite Transactions Denial Of Service Vulnerability
Scientists at Princeton University say they have used nanotechnology to make tests to detect diseases, such as cancer and Alzheimer's, 3 million times more sensitive.
Big tablets like the iPad will always be popular, especially among high- end buyers. But the future may belong to smaller, cheaper tablets like the Google Nexus 7 and the upcoming mini iPad. Why are smaller tablets likely to dominate the tablet market?
AT&T added six more cities to its 4G LTE network on Monday, bringing the total offering the service to 47 markets.
Federal, state and local law enforcement agencies in the U.S. made more than 1.3 million requests for cellphone records in 2011, according to carriers' responses to a congressman's investigation.
Cobbler Remote Command Injection Vulnerability
No visit to Kansas City, Mo., is complete without a stop at the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, a terrific venue in the city's 18th & Vine Historic District. With Major League Baseball's All Star Game taking place in Kansas City this week, the museum is getting some much-deserved attention. And even if you're nowhere near the City of Fountains this week, you can still pop in for a visit with the newly released Negro Leagues Baseball Museum app for the iPad.
Ferguson Hill makes loudspeakers like no other specialist audio brand. Its first product was the FH001, a high-end speaker that resembles the clear horns of this Ferguson Hill FH009 system -- only those speakers stand 1.65m tall. More speaker reviews.
Cloud computing is currently one of the most talked about topics for many business, for a large percentage of whom it is the perfect solution. For a startup, low costs and simple entry are appealing features -- while large corporates have the clout to mould cloud services to their will. However there is a third, multi-million pound market for which the cloud may not suit. Visit: Business Advisor.
Jacob Morgan, author of 'The Collaborative Organization,' speaks passionately about what collaboration can do both inside and outside the enterprise. CIO.com talked to Morgan about the emerging trend and why it's important to act now.
Government-sponsored servers designed to keep DNSChanger-infected PCs and Macs online were switched off earlier today as scheduled, but several major U.S. Internet service providers downplayed problems to their customers.
CIO.com's Al Sacco chats with RIM CEO Thorsten Heins on the current state of BlackBerry and how it fell from grace, what the company is doing to ensure things in Waterloo don't get worse, and the product delay problems that have plagued RIM.
Microsoft has entered into an agreement to buy Perceptive Pixel (PPI) a vendor of large-scale, multitouch displays, an acquisition Microsoft expects will boost its enterprise collaboration and communication offerings.
Samsung is building a tablet based on Windows RT for release sometime in October, according to unnamed sources who spoke to the Bloomberg news service.
GreHack 2012 - extended deadline CFP 15th August 2012 (Grenoble, France)
Re: plow 0.0.5 <= Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
Checkpoint Abra - Vulnerabilities
Microsoft is modifying its Office 365 sales agreement with partners to motivate them to push the product more aggressively, the company announced on Monday.
Microsoft today said it will officially launch Windows 8 in late October when it starts selling upgrades and its hardware partners begin selling PCs, tablets and hybrid devices powered by the new operating system.
[CVE-2012-3376] Apache Hadoop HDFS information disclosure vulnerability
BookNux 0.2 <= Multiple Vulnerabilities
Global spending on IT products and services will rise 3 percent in 2012 to $3.6 trillion, according to figures released Monday by research firm Gartner. The forecast is up from the 2.5 percent growth projection Gartner issued earlier this year.
Samsung tablets do not infringe on a registered Apple design because "they are not as cool" and the Galaxy Tablets "do not have the same understated and extreme simplicity which is possessed by the Apple design," a U.K. judge said in a ruling on Monday.
Windows 8, the next major upgrade of Microsoft's operating system for PCs, tablets and laptops, will be released to manufacturers in August and will ship commercially in October, the company announced on Monday.
[SECURITY] [DSA 2509-1] pidgin security update

DNS Changer infections have declined precipitously, but remaining systems could have Internet access turned off today.

It appears the Internet will not be thrown into turmoil as a result of the FBI shutting down the servers feeding systems containing DNS Changer malware.

The DNS Working Group, made up of a number of experts from security firms, DNS providers and the government, has been tracking infections. As of June 11, there were only about 69,000 DNS Changer infections in the United States and far fewer in other countries.  The working group also estimated that globally there were approximately 303,000 systems containing the malware.

When the FBI arrested six Estonian nationals in November, charging them with running a sophisticated Internet fraud ring, investigators seized servers in data centers in Estonia, New York, and Chicago that were pointing victims to spoofed websites. The FBI estimated at the time that there were 500,000 infections in the U.S. and up to 4 million abroad.

With the news coverage aimed at consumers with little knowledge of the malware, it is very likely that the number of infections has drastically declined, although the working group hasn’t released updated figures.  When the replacement DNS servers designed to avoid disruption are turned off today there won’t likely be any serious problems. It has still generated a number of hyped headlines including “Internet doomsday virus,” and “Internet blackout looms.” Let’s put this in context: There are still 2.5 million machines infected with Conficker.

The DNS Changer malware is a good example of the need for increased security vigilance on the part of average computer users. It can go a long way to reducing the number of serious incidents by disrupting the spread of malware. The working group has a great security protection Web page that leads computer users to additional information about phishing, antimalware and Windows 7 security features.  The links lead to solid information from the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team, the Carnegie Mellon Cylab Usable Privacy and Security Laboratory and the FBI. The advice is good, and is without the marketing spin designed to sell security software.

Another great resource that puts the DNS Changer problem into context is Canada’s Public Safety office, which published a document in November. The Canadian DNS Changer TDSS/Alureon/TidServ/TDL4 Malware Web page has been updated to help people determine if their systems have been infected and contains tools to help victims remove the infection.

Checking a system can be done by simply visiting a websiteor manually depending on your operating system.//

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I was thinking about this question a lot, and what occurred to me is that I don't know too many people in infosec who chose infosec as a career. Most of the people who I know in this field didn't go to college to be infosec pros, it just kind of happened.

Some tips for good iOS hygiene. Insider (registration required)
Sharp said Monday it has agreed to pay Dell and two other companies $198.5 million to settle a lawsuit for fixing LCD panel prices in Europe and North America.
Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware 'unserialize()' Multiple PHP Code Execution Vulnerabilities
Concern is building up over the use of litigation over standards-essential patents to block sales of products, with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) planning to hold a conference that will address what the U.N. agency described as a "worldwide surge in patent litigation and the growing lack of adherence to standards bodies' existing patent policies."
Microsoft may announce the first public preview of Office 2013, the likely name for its next productivity suite, at its annual gathering with partners later today.
IT security threats are constantly evolving. It's time for IT security pros to get ingenious
Severe thunderstorms, wildfires and droughts should put companies on alert to look into their business continuity planning. Disaster recovery plans that only back up data regionally may need to be rethought, experts say.
Windows Server 2012 Release Preview features a better virtual desktop experience, much easier DirectAccess deployment and a full-scale file-classification and access control system.
Hiring is flat and Europe's economy continues teetering, but IT spending is beating forecasts, says Gartner.
Basilic 'diff.php' Remote Command Execution Vulnerability
Pidgin 'mxit_show_message()' Function Stack-Based Buffer Overflow Vulnerability


Baidu found with malicious files in Vietnam
... services and software experimented in Vietnam by Baidu Inc, a Chinese search engine and web service, have recently been found to conduct illegal intervention into users' computers, according to the Hacker Vietnam Association (HVA) and CMC InfoSec ...

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