I am curious to find out what blog system you're utilizing? I'm experiencing some minor security problems with my latest website and I would like to find something more safe. Do you have any suggestions? WENGER 腕時計

Using techniques described in this article, the following passphrases were all deciphered.

!)@(#*$&%^Test123 [email protected]#$%^&*()_+lisa [email protected]#wasdqweszxc !rightchoice!! !tryagainfuckoff #1modernstuff $current_keyword &?"'(-?_??qwerty "frequency modulation" (dontlookbackinanger) ********fadhilah ********noorhisam ********pengawal ********zulkhairi *tecno9654postgres ,fnfhtqrf_ijrjkflrf ...........bentong ..........0008000 .36987410svetlana /,infra18postgres [email protected][email protected]#$%@ 04.03.2011annalena 0708JonasCharlie 078KFW78bandrew 090798Elite159753 091192-090392 0987POIUqwerasdf 1 2 3 4 5 6 HACK [email protected]#[email protected]# [email protected][email protected]#$%@ 100Cheeseburgers 1010cDWQR#$Rcxsc 101293cDWQR#$Rcxsc 11!S!WCRTESTINPUT000001!E! 1111111111111111SALT [email protected][email protected]#$%@ [email protected][email protected]#$%@ 120586Bundeswehr 121184-220986 12345-67890-12345 123456************************ 123456789.zipfer 1234567890qwertyfY7jQ3 1234567890rootkit! [email protected]#$%^&*( 12345678cDWQR#$Rcxsc 123456SSSSSsssss 1313131313ABIGAIL [email protected]#$% [email protected][email protected]#$%@ 14763Administrator 15051997Basketball 159357123456789/*- 192837465cDWQR#$Rcxsc 1QAZXSW23edc0147 [email protected]@147896325 1aSOPHIElily 1qaz&#33;QAZ1qaz [email protected][email protected]#$%@ [email protected][email protected]#$%@ 21stcenturybreakdown1 21stcenturyschizoidman! 257slDDpostgres [email protected][email protected]#$%@ [email protected][email protected]#$%@ 2ofamerikazmostwanted 30a.1618postgres [email protected] 4JZL1FP7lawrence 4allbusinessmarketing [email protected][email protected]#$%@ 789789ABCPAABC 7abibi-7ayati 7televisioncommercials 880101-1111115 880102-1111119 96uCF96astra ????-???? ?????-? ?????-????????? ??????-??? ??????.????? ????????+23 ?????????? ??????????100% ??????????? ??????????????????? ??????????????????? ??????????????????? ???????????????????? ????????????????????? ?????????????????????? A Matt Hale Tribute CD would be cool.. A troll account now banned. A warm welcome from Pommieland. AAron1986wang ANGELOFMUSIC120488 ANOTHERSTUPIDPASSWORD ASDFGHJKL20090101 AUSSIEpetproducts AWESOME-password AZ2885589!lki Above1Password2 Abundance4me2day Access-Control-Allow-Origin Adams</contactfullName Admin*3A2F5B9FCBE3F1A71D81833C1A Administrator101231 AdrianalovesGod Agergaard8675309 AhJ5811Ladmin Alakazamalhambra AleksanderHutyra AleksandraBeck AleksandraGolis Allsrightwiththeworld Almost everyone I know in the Movement are Creators. Am also interested on buying a few patches.Cost? Am i ever gonna see your face again? AmerikaFlorida22 AmoraBreda And nobody calls this genocide. And what about the books? AnnaKokowska Anonwishbone1shadow Apenootje1563wasser Arno can jump off a cliff for all we care. AsiaZaleska Asus97a1s2d3f4 Avenged Sevenfold forever BASEBALL15511551 BISOUNOURSdoudou BRITNEYSPEARSBLACKOUT Babyyoucandrivemycar1 Baileycrumble12 Basically we need to find the right balance Becomix789456123 Bellabernadette12 Bismillah9753159 BlackVampire1998 Blueb0ttle9999999999 Brandonisawesome Bulletformyvalentine123 BursztynowaTomasz Business-Scriptsdesign Business-Scriptsengelchen Business-Scriptsfindus Business-Scriptsgeronimo Business-Scriptskochen Business-Scriptssommer But computer DVD player has to read all formats. By the sounds of it we should not promote this game. CAS32S3R123456789 CHRIS5545zeekent CORAZONCITO161289 Cameroncricket13 Camillagabriel07 Can they be about Creativity? CarinaStockinger CarmenHemmingway CarstenHonerkamp Cathysomepassword Cghfdjxybrghbdtn ChangeMePassWord1 Char2612guardian ChristianFernandes ChristianKlingenberg Co5jo7r400000123123123 Contact points are due to approval first. CottbuserSchnecke Covington can eat shit and die for all I care. Cristianoronaldoisthebest Cristinafriends16 Cubiks123Password CustomerProposal D777651f10yoyo DELENDA EST JUDAICA ~ TOTAL WHITE VICTORY DER RING DES NIBELUNGEN DQZjapz1899 DakotaJaskowski Dalap-Uliga-Darrit Damien06130dey Daniel030112ok Danielapequenina DanielleSaunders Diablo2Kauppa Did he paint those or was just a collector? Did we set a date yet? Did you try to delete old messages? Didnt someone write a book about this? Digital rights management Disneyland12345$ DoctorJackSparrow Dracula12Hamster Drosophila melanogaster Dumbledore631988 EMMAcharlie14 ESTHERgina1879 EVERYTHINGISPLANNED Edvintan00guardian Elementarymydearwatson Eminev02128532295 En un lugar de la Mancha Engelchen28052005 ErhardWischmeyer [email protected]#$ Every good boy deserves fudge. Everytime a rocket zings a jew feels a sting. FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD FORDFALCONXR6BLA FRIJOLITOVELASCO FanBoy And Chum Chum1 Felicity11dabest Filthy little annimal First Name: jacob First to the finish then. Five Finger Death Punch Flickan som lekte med elden For some reason he never wants to set one up. Frenchadminadmin FutureSapphire10 Gabriele18112006 Gabrielle03212004 Gangsterwert3456 Gates is an utter maggot. Get a sweden website and put them on there Glad to hear this is resolved. Good riddance. He is an mentally deranged imbecile. Great intro Brother. Welcome. Great to know about the patches coming soon. Greetings to everyone HOPE FOR A BRIGHTER FUTURE would be good statement. HUANGMENG88888888 Habbohotel147258 HackingPrevention HalloDecrypter Hamiltoncampus04 HansRedacteur Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows22 Harvard94victory Hash999admin He bought $40 worth of goods from us He raped someone.He deserves no sympathy. He uses the word European American. HeavenBound71801 Hehe123habboteam123 Hehefotball_ HelloMyNameIsJoshua HelloThisIsMyPassword Heslo12345postgres Highperformancedelivered His IP shows he is from Geelong. HolgerBraunschweig Holgerbriefmarken Hollywood3Charlie HollywoodSuperStar How about Empire Falls? How do I delete an inappropriate thread now? I am on my fifth reading of MIGHT IS RIGHT. I banned him and deleted him. I cant remember anything I dont trust him.He looks like a minda. I enjoy listening to the shows at work. I hate rodents such as these wiggers. I laugh at the idiots death. I like it. Have always loved the eagle with our symbol I love you Janine I love you Laura I need a new password I read some parts of this book. I remind you that they hate us... I sent you PM. The fliers are removed. I think he lost interest in being active. I think idea is fine. I think it was made by that guy. I too am a supporter of the idea. I try to visit there often.Its good. I will be there this year finally. I will make it tonight I wonder what his view is on Race? I would like to do a show for IKWT. I would say that it is Goethe. IAMASELFMADEMILLIONAIRE IHATEMYSELFANDIWANTTODIE ISMAEL1111222233334444 I_Love_You_ekaterina Ihavedecidedtofollowjesus! Iloveyoucleo1991 Im located in the thumb of Michigan.. Im right here Akingu. Im sorry to keep bringing up the CA. Im waiting on a couple of things for it. InstallationTEST Ipodtouch3rdgeneration! [email protected] Ireland is a Lovely Country. RaHoWa Is Rev. Cody in N.M.? Is that account now banned? Is that the zip cor the phone number? Is the creativity 2010 calendar available?. Isabellbjorklund Isthereanybodyoutthere It needs to be done and done properly. It seems it is brother of 88skinheads. It seems to have dissapeared... It would be one hole to get yourself out of. JACQUELINEAMOR14 JESUSCHRIST311268 JTM2006community JUANCARLOSteatro Jamaisvousnetrouverez JamesJames102030 Jamesbond2181986 Jason Derulo12345 JeffersonMcClure [email protected]#123 Jesusis#1inmylife Jesusloves120388 JoseAntonio090882 Juana2011Antonio JulianeSchellerer Julie00hcnelS JustinMarcel2303 JwS67BaP123456789 K750iProblem Katekyo Hitman Reborn Kevin2108Janine Klaus WernerWagner Kt08151992abc12345 Laws like these will be used against us soon enough. Libertarianmypassword Lilliana15021983 Login.Bruce Longliveforrock'nmetal Looks a whole lot better great job. LovelyTenderness LukeDDR3 [email protected] MOTHERPublicSchool Magna123postgres ManfredDobrowolski Marco2000Pirelli Mariaandfirebird MartinFeuchtenberger MatrixMemory1010 MencarelliCaterina MickeyMouse3251003 Microsoft8537110 Mike Cook has mental health issues. MinecraftHacking Minimal2010postgres Monkey¹ Motdepassemylene Motherfucker131292 Msy919asdfgzxcvb Much cheaper if done in Ukraine. Mukundaadministrator MynameisMohammad N3v3rmarrydorian NCC1701allostartrek Nikkilovescookies OHMYGODTHEYKILLEDKENNY ONLYTHEGOODDIEYOUNG21 Offenbach2010kino Ok thanks I get it now One patch. And use of latin is not a bad idea. OperaCache PASSWORD.ratula PASSWORDdgkjhs45 PEACELOVEANDHAPPINESS PERICO DE LOS PALOTES Pandrador302514071985 Password must be at least 8 characters Password not found Password95879646 Password: supermen PenelopeSpillo People serious about Creators are in TCM. Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn1 Play that funky music PraktikumHR2012 PrivetEkaterinburg ProfessionalTools Psychokaktus2000 Purelifefirewall Putin is nothing but commie scum. [email protected]#E$R%q2w3e4r5 QUESTFORTHEBIGPURPLEDOGGIE Qwer.1234postgres RAFAELmendoza21 RAMIREZOLGALUCIA RJ45administrator RUCUEUP1159 Racial Greetings Brother Racial Greetings from Kentucky. Racial greetings From California Racial greetings from Great Britain. Racial greetings from new zealand. Raumsprayvanille Roelando03042000 Roflmao90roflmao Rura123456789123456789 S0metimearoundmidnight SALTYUPD8bonjour SALTYUPD8testing SANCHEZfermin27 SGBM217618091992 SMOKIE121212000000 SOMEDAYMYPRINCEWILLCOME23 SSStreifilichen STELLA12postgres SUBMARINOnuclear Sadly second episode is of very poor sound quality. SamenSterk12345678 Sami86n00b Self Defense is still Self Defense. Servusgenau. Siemens555222333 SimonOechsner SkillSetup SlipknotRocks! SonyEricssonArch Sounds like a good idea. SpiderMan159753* SpringboardAdmin StefanEngelhardt Summit1029384756 Support77Information Symptom of a sick society. Szilvike13dora TM30WebStationpostgres Tasha123postgres Telecincovalencia Test123Teststring That looks really good stern. The first printed books have a unique smell to them. They come from hell.... lol They will pay for this. Third one is also recorded. This is going to hurt! Thiscouldbeanywhereintheworld! Thisisapasswordtest Togetherinelectricdreams Tormentor only asked a question. Trusting0dalways UsesLast.fm Verochelle123432 Very interesting article Video killed the radio star? VjqGfhjkmcarpenter Vlad555Bin1983 W1xxertravian WANGJImima989898 WINDOWS0ULTIMATE Was Terreblanche christian? We Are The Champions! We need some circle patches again. We need them for every chapter... We should have that website url. Weak men crave unity. Strong men earn it. Wednesday3October Whatmakesyoubeautiful13 When will it be drawn? Whistle while you work. Who let the dogs out? Who says I wont collect first? Who would need this kind of thing? Why was this account deleted? Wildcatsrock2012 Without organization nothing will be achieved. Work4money8675309 Yenny17915451 You can always tell an idiot. ^^^ ZSE$5rdxCFT^7ygv ZSE$5rdxZSE$5rdx ZSE$xdr5CFT^vgy7 Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah [abcd1234]postgres _password_higher _password_lolcats a day to remember [email protected][email protected]#$%@ a1b2c3d4BengShop [email protected]#580231jxcfs abcabc123-why abcd1234abcd1234SALT aboxfullofsharpobjects abrahamicfaithinniles absolutely completely abundancia y prosperidad abyssus abyssum invocat additional thing added adidasjacklinked adiosmotherfucker admin.0113100.... [email protected][email protected]#$%@ admin2cDWQR#$Rcxsc admin321cDWQR#$Rcxsc [email protected]1800572872 adminadminBAKWAN administrator administrator [email protected]! affirms states strongly afraidtoshootstrangers ahmed mohamed12345 ahmed4aaa#yahoo.com ahoj jak se mas? ainternetmarketingsolution air crash investigation akhil maniyat alessandro lessi alexanderLechner alexandra.101077 alexandru ciorap alexv-1234567890987654321 alfonso jacopino alhassan sumaila alicenelpaesedellemeraviglie all in all is all we are allkesh is right.We have to move foreward. allthatyoucantleavebehind allthingscounterterrorism allwhowanderarenotlost allyoupeoplearevampires ammouna touta amoforeverthesickestkids amomentarylapseofreason ancientmagician andnothingelsematters andthencamethesilence andthentherewassilence aneuk mumang angkasa persada annamaria_an#hotmail.com anne-mariechiochio anothercrucifixion anothertimeanotherplace antcolonyoptimization anti-cyclone good weather anuli-gulo any of them hoodies left? 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documents printed materials donottrustanybody dontunderestimate dorightandkilleverything dracomalfoy-potter draganaalexandra~yahoo.com dragonballzburstlimit dreamalittledreamofme dreamalittledreamofme18 dreamer'sdisease dreamofcalifornication dreamoftheredchamber eastofthesunwestofthemoon economicmanagement eduardo-antonino egyptianmagician einekleinenachtmusik elcodigodavincielcodigodavinci electric**pink** electricalengineer elementarymydearwatson ella dahruji elprincipedeladulcepena elvishasleftthebuilding emblem representative sign emeraldcityrollergirls emergencyfirstresponse endeavouring attempting endofmyexistence endoftheworldasweknowit enjang kurniawan enunlugardelamancha123 enviroglosswaterlesscarwash establish get started eternalsunshineofthespotlessmind eventuality possible event everythingcomesandgoes everythinghehasnttoldyouyet everythinginitsrightplace everythinginmoderation everythingisfallingapart everythingispermitted everythingisplanned everythingrightnow everythingunderthesun17 exceptionally very good excludeRIAA expenditures monies used extravagantly wastefully fabienne-isabella [email protected]#$%^&*()_+ faraD3yLight farad3yLight fattyfattyboomboom294 favouriteworstnightmare ferias-evolution fifi-butyok final fantasy advent children finalfantasytacticsadvance financialspeculation firstrendez-vous fishtank-thieves florenceandthemachine florencenightingale florian.robert05 followthewhiterabbit16 fontainebleaumiamibeach foo123Password123 footballsportsbaseball foralltherightreasons forensicmedicalexaminer foreverblowingbubbles foreverthesickestkids forgodsolovedtheworld forthebettermentofall fortunefavorsthebrave forwhomthebelltolls2210 foxtrotuniformcharliekilo fr-christodoulos francisco gggggg francisco.pellicer frankie7hannah--x frankiegoes to hollywood frankiegoestohollywood franklinbronzeplaques [email protected] freeforeclosurelistsu freethingstodoinboston friends will be friends friendsofdoctorjohnson friendsofyvonnerbrown from genesis to revelations fromthebottomtothetop frontotemporaldementia fuckbitchesgetmoney!! fucktheamericandream94 fuckthefuckingfuckers fulhamfootballclub1967 full metal panic fumoffu functionLast.fm furballfacebook! future-processing garbagetrucksgarbagetrucks gbyudbycerfyf[eq gesundheitsbeschwerden gesundheitsentwicklung getthereamazinglyfast2 gianfranco benato gianmarco carota gilberto gustavo ginger snaps unleashed giorgio tammaro girlsoftheplayboymansion givemelibertyorgivemedeath givemethepassword givesmesatisfaction [email protected][email protected]#$%@ gladstonehistoricalsociety globalpositioningservices globalwarminghotspots godgrantmetheserenity godofwar21/09/95 godspeedonthedevilsthunder [email protected]##@! good to see you on here again bro. google.com12332211 googletoolbarnotifier gospel teachings, belief government government greatbarrierreef griffin'swonders group amnesty? 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At least three high-profile websites that receive services from Network Solutions have been hijacked in recent days in attacks that are prompting speculation that the compromises are the result of a security lapse inside the popular domain registrar and Web host.

Competing antivirus providers Avira and AVG are confirmed to have been hit, as was messaging software developer Whatsapp. Alexa and Redtube have also been reported to be struck by the same attackers, although that claim wasn't verified. All five websites rely on services from Network Solutions, which is owned by Web.com. At least some of the victims report losing control of the domain name system (DNS) servers used to route Internet traffic, a lapse that made it possible for hackers to redirect e-mail and Web traffic to malicious servers.

"It appears that our account used to manage DNS records registered at Network Solutions has received a fake password-reset request which was honored by the provider," Avira officials wrote in a blog post published Tuesday. "Using the new credentials, the cybercriminals have been able to change the entries to point to their DNS servers."

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As anticipated, the latest round of Microsoft's Patch Tuesday monthly release of security fixes addresses a widely known Internet Explorer (IE) vulnerability already being exploited by malicious hackers.
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer today said that a touch-specific version of Office will, at some point, reach the iPad.
Security researchers Tuesday said reports of the arrest of the hacker behind Blackhole, one of the most widely used exploit kits on the Internet, is good news for IT operations and users.
As the battle between cable providers and traditional telephone companies continues before federal regulators, a report issued Tuesday challenged old regulations that require companies such as AT&T to maintain legacy copper-based networks.
Intel, whose chips have long gone into PCs, servers and mobile devices, has begun chasing the market for the so-called "Internet of things" with new low-power chips and software for connected devices and data-gathering instruments.
Enterprises that want their storage organized around virtual machines will get more hardware options and greater scalability later this year from Tintri, a startup that specializes in VM-based storage.
Microsoft Windows Kernel 'dxgkrnl.sys' CVE-2013-3888 Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
A majority of CEOs are failing to steer their companies towards effective use of new computer technologies, which precludes their organizations from making major business improvements.
Microsoft yesterday threw in the towel on its attempt to build its own YouTube app for Windows Phone, revising that app to shunt users instead to the browser for accessing Google's video service via the Web.
Four men have been arrested by the U.K.'s National Crime Agency (NCA) for drug offenses in connection with their involvement in Silk Road, an Internet underground marketplace for drugs and other illegal items.
Qualcomm has backtracked from an earlier statement in which a company executive said Apple's A7 64-bit chip in the iPhone 5s is a marketing gimmick, and that the technical advance had limited benefits in mobile devices.

Mobile devices make easier targets for identity theft
Online Athens
The Office of Information Security at UGA has more information on identity theft and phishing scams available at infosec.uga.edu. The Office of Information Security is a part of the university's Enterprise Information Technology Services. EITS is ...

Russian authorities have arrested the main developer of the notorious Blackhole exploit kit, one of the most popular attack tools used to infect Web users with malware.
SDN benefits include automating and easing network administration duties and improving application performance. But it also introduces a number of potential threat vectors into your environment. What should you know before you invest in SDN?
[SECURITY] [DSA-2769-1] kfreebsd-9 security update
The new Chromebook 11 developed by Google and Hewlett-Packard has gone on sale for US$279, and can be powered by the same charger used for Android tablets and smartphones.
U.S. President Barack Obama's administration has upheld an import ban on some older-model Samsung Electronics smartphones and tablets after the U.S. International Trade Commission determined they infringed Apple patents.
This summer's polls show most Americans harbor nuanced support for privacy-invasive government measures. But swing voters back NSA leaker Snowden and a wholesale reform of civil liberties.

Very good article, and good points made. I often use Photobucket.


Another site I like very much is share-img.appspot.com - The site was designed with private sharing as the primary purpose; you don't need an account to upload, nor do you need one to view content on the site. You can choose between private sharing and public sharing; private images are never indexed by search engines, and it's almost impossible to accidentally share it with the wrong people.

Although Share-img isn't the nicest designed site, it works great but might take a few minutes to figure out the security options available and where various buttons/modes are kept. Once you've used it for a while it becomes really simple. It's a very new site, so that's why not many people have heard of it.



DavFS2 'system()' Function Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
Amazon Web Services has been handed a win in a court battle with IBM over a CIA contract for a cloud computing project worth up to US$600 million.
There are at least a dozen oft-quoted industry analyst reports that estimate the failure rate of CRM projects. The analysts' methodologies and standards vary, so the resulting failure numbers are all over the place -- between 18 percent and 69 percent.
LinuxSecurity.com: Several vulnerabilities have been discovered in the FreeBSD kernel that may lead to a denial of service or privilege escalation. The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures project identifies the following problems: [More...]
LinuxSecurity.com: An updated xinetd package that fixes one security issue is now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and 6. The Red Hat Security Response Team has rated this update as having moderate [More...]
LinuxSecurity.com: Updated openjpa packages fix security vulnerability: The BrokerFactory functionality in Apache OpenJPA before 2.2.2 creates local executable JSP files containing logging trace data produced during deserialization of certain crafted OpenJPA objects, [More...]
Aurich Lawson

Early last year, password security researcher Kevin Young was hitting a brick wall. Over the previous few weeks, he made steady progress decoding cryptographically protected password data leaked from the then-recent hack of intelligence firm Stratfor. But with about 60 percent of the more than 860,000 password hashes cracked, his attempts to decipher the remaining 40 percent were failing.

The so-called dictionary attacks he mounted using lists of more than 20 million passwords culled from previous website hacks had worked well. Augmented with programming rules that substituted letters for numbers or combined two or more words in his lists, his attacks revealed Stratfor passwords such as "pinkyandthebrain," "pithecanthropus," and "moonlightshadow." Brute-force techniques trying every possible combination of letters, numbers, and special characters had also succeeded at cracking all passwords of eight or fewer characters. So the remaining 344,000 passwords, Young concluded, must be longer words or phrases few crackers had seen before.

"I was starting to run out of word lists," he recalled. "I was at a loss for words—literally."

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NotSoSecure CTF (in partnership with Appsec USA)
Samsung's latest big-screen phone, the Galaxy Note 3, has a lot of great qualities but a few quirks as well. We look at both in this in-depth review.
A team from Holland's Delft University is leading the world's toughest solar car race at the end of its second day.
Privacy groups have raised $40,200 to take the U.K. government to the European Court of Human Rights over its use of Internet and telecommunications networks to systematically spy on its citizens.
Taiwan's Foxconn Technology Group wants to jump-start a new manufacturing operation in Indonesia next year, potentially bringing in more smartphones to the country.
Oracle MySQL Server CVE-2013-3808 Remote Security Vulnerability

Android adware that MUST NOT BE NAMED threatens MILLIONS
You'll love DMARC. A popular mobile ad library used by multiple Android apps poses a severe malware threat, researchers at infosec firm FireEye have warned. The security researchers said that altogether 200 million affected apps had been downloaded.

and more »
Backupify, a cloud-based backup service offered for SaaS platforms including Salesforce and Google Apps, may expand to many other SaaS platforms through a developer kit designed for quick and easy integration.
Microsoft will offer discounts on its Azure cloud service next month as part of a cloud computing push that also includes new releases of its Windows Server and Systems Center software.
A majority of CEOs are failing to steer their companies towards effective use of new computer technologies, which precludes their organizations from making major business improvements.
Microsoft will soon allow customers of Internet business exchange (IBX) provider Equinix to directly connect servers into the Windows Azure network, which could speed throughput of hybrid cloud applications.
A massive data center being built by the National Security Agency in Utah has been plagued by 'chronic electrical surges' that have destroyed equipment and delayed its opening for a year, according to a report Monday.
In his last letter to shareholders, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer hammered on the same themes he and other execs struck three weeks ago before Wall Street analysts.
A team from Holland's Delft University is leading the world's toughest solar car race at the end of its second day.
Internet access can be expensive, especially in developing countries. Google is backing a new project that aims to change that.
Adding convenience possibly at the expense of security, Google will now let people without a Google Account view documents stored in its Apps cloud suite.
Silicon Motion today announced it is sending samples of a new USB 3.0 controller chip that will boost performance in flash drives by up to 50%.
GnuPG CVE-2013-4402 Denial of Service Vulnerability


CSOs face ongoing paradoxical challenges
Equally unhelpful is the fact that a very small percentage of InfoSec professionals even have the certification for secure software development. The scarcity of people with the skill set for app security "is also a problem," explained Julie Peeler ...

and more »
ClipBucket 'ofc_upload_image.php' Arbitrary PHP Code Execution Vulnerability
FlashChat 'upload.php' Arbitrary File Upload Vulnerability
Xinetd CVE-2013-4342 Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

Posted by InfoSec News on Oct 08


By Jeremy Kirk
IDG News Service
October 08, 2013

Two former traders and a third man have been indicted in New York State
Supreme Court for allegedly stealing source code and trading strategy
files from a brokerage company with headquarters in the Netherlands.

The case represents a new focus by prosecutors on intellectual property
theft, according to a...

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By Rafal Los
Following the Wh1t3 Rabbit
October 7, 2013

If you're anything like me and like to keep up on the industry, you've no
doubt been overloaded with news on the apparently epic Adobe hack. As some
of you may no doubt point out I'm no apologist for companies who fail to
take security seriously, and I've made my share of pokes and jokes at...

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By Faultline
7th October 2013

Movielabs, the R&D business for Hollywood studios, has just issued a new
specification for securing 4K high-def streaming video content, and one of
the things that it’s going to demand is forensic watermarking.

This spec is being described as "recommendations", but studios will need
to adopt...
Internet Storm Center Infocon Status