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As most of our readers know, the past three years we participated in Cyber Security Awareness Month by covering a special topic each day. We are less than two months away from this year's awareness campaign and we are looking for your ideas on what we should focus on this year. Here are links to summaries of the past three years so that you can see what we've done:



The handlers were discussing this topic a couple of weeks ago and came up with some ideas. Here is what we've been noodling as possible topics for 2010:
- Key services that should or should not be running, and how to secure those services that are necessary

- How to secure popular applications in categories like social (Facebook, etc.), desktop (MS Office, etc.), mobile (iPhone apps, etc.), web apps (online banking, etc.) and cloud (Google Docs, etc.)

- How to use security tools like Nessus or Wireshark

- Manipulating Windows registry settings

- Security horror stories
We'd really like to do something that has a lot of meaning for our readership. So use the comment link below to add your ideas and thoughts, or if you want to share your thoughts privately with us use our contact form. In the past, we've had a general theme for the entire month then discussed sub-themes each week. If you look back at the previous years you can see how that theme is carried out.
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Ousted CEO Mark Hurd is departing HP with a hefty severance package, including a $12.2 million cash payment and HP stock worth about $16 million, according to a report filed Friday with the SEC.

Google Wave lives on -- as Novell Pulse
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Big selling points for the service seem to be all the same things that Google said were great about Wave, with a big added dose of corporate INFOSEC. ...

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