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What happens when you combine FarmVille and Pokemon? You get Terrapets, a terraforming-and-creature-battling Android game from CerebralFix. Unfortunately, though the concept of combining FarmVille and Pokemon is novel, Terrapets lacks any real motivators to keep you playing for longer than a few minutes.
An Android version of Zynga's popular word-finding game Scramble With Friends has finally arrived. Part of Zynga's "With Friends" series, Scramble With Friends is especially fun because it's a timed (and therefore fast-paced) game.
A stirring defense of the hacktivist collective Anonymous was posted this week to the website for the prestigious magazine Foreign Affairs by Yochai Benkler, faculty co-director for the Berkman Center for Internet & Society.
For a service with the word "drop" front and center in its name, Dropbox has always been notoriously, annoyingly unsupportive of dragging and dropping to its Web client.
It's the start of a new month, but we end the week as we always do--with a look back at the major Mac and iOS news of the past seven days, courtesy of the Weekly Wrap.
Google fans hope the Internet search leader's proposed augmented reality glasses are more reality than hype, even if history shows companies are more often releasing videos touting technology that may take years to actually come to life.
Verizon Communications next month will stop offering high-speed Internet without landline phone service, a move that flies in the face of the trend of consumers ditching their home phones for mobile handsets.
It's a terrible thing to live in denial. If the Winotaur had an ounce of self-awareness he could tell you. Google's also living in denial if it thinks we're putting its dorky glasses on to watch their ads. And get ready for this week's magical after-school special ending, because some of you Mac users are in denial, too.
An estimated 600,000 or more Macs are currently compromised and part of a massive botnet thanks to the Flashback Trojan. To put the size of the threat in some perspective, the Flashback Trojan botnet is even bigger than the massive Conficker botnet...relatively speaking.
The technology might be great, but do you really want to drive a flying car, wear augmented reality glasses play with virtual reality PC? Columnist Mike Elgan doesn't think so.

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