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Five days after Ars chronicled a security researcher's three-year odyssey investigating a mysterious piece of malware he dubbed badBIOS, some of his peers say they are still unable to reproduce his findings.

"I am getting increasingly skeptical due to the lack of evidence," fellow researcher Arrigo Triulzi told Ars after examining forensic data that Ruiu has turned over. "So either I am not as good as people say or there is really nothing."

As Ars reported last week, Ruiu said the malware first took hold of a MacBook Air of his three years ago and has since infected his laboratory computers running Windows, Linux, and BSD. Even more intriguing are his claims the malware targets his computers' low-level Basic Input/Output System (BIOS), Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI), or Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) firmware and allows infected machines to communicate even when they're not connected over a network.

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Moxie Marlinspike is a cryptographer, software developer and security researcher who regularly appears at the Black Hat security conferences. His critique of HTTPS Web encryption has led browser makers to change the way they implement it. He is also developer of the TextSecure and RedPhone Android apps for encrypting text messages and voice calls. In 2011, Twitter bought his encryption startup Whisper Systems for an undisclosed sum. The pseudonymously named Marlinspike originally posted this editorial on his ThoughtCrime.org blog.

In August of this year, Ladar Levison shut down his e-mail service, Lavabit, in an attempt to avoid complying with a US government request for his users' e-mails. To defy the US government's gag order and shut down his service took great courage, and I believe that Ladar deserves our support in his legal defense of that decision.

There is now an effort underway to restart the Lavabit project, however, which might be a good opportunity to take a critical look at the service itself. After all, how is it possible that a service which wasn't supposed to have access to its users' e-mails found itself in a position where it had no other option but to shut down in an attempt to avoid complying with a request for the contents of its users' e-mails?

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Nearly one in 10 U.S. adults say they get their news through Twitter, and that has to be good news for the social media company that's days from launching its IPO.
Fujitsu has demonstrated servers with thin fiber optics that will use lasers and light transfer data, replacing the older and slower electrical wiring technology.
Multiple Microsoft Products CVE-2013-3906 Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
Microsoft's Enhanced Mitigation Experience Tool can guard against the kinds of attacks now observed in the wild.

Hackers are exploiting a previously unknown vulnerability in Microsoft Windows and Office software that allows computers to be infected with malware, the company warned in advisories published Tuesday.

The advanced exploit arrives in a booby-trapped Word document attached to e-mails, Elia Florio of the Microsoft Security Response Center wrote on Tuesday. The attacks are narrowly targeted at certain individuals or companies and are mostly found in the Middle East and South Asia. The malicious document exploits a vulnerability in Microsoft's graphics device interface that makes it possible for attackers to remotely execute any code of their choice.

"If the attachment is opened or previewed, it attempts to exploit the vulnerability using a malformed graphics image embedded in the document," Dustin Childs, group manager in the Microsoft Trustworthy Computing group wrote in a separate advisory. "An attacker who successfully exploited the vulnerability could gain the same user rights as the logged on user." A third advisory is here.

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Cornering the Bitcoin market may be easier than cornering orange juice futures.
Paramount Pictures / Aurich Lawson

Researchers at Cornell University have published a paper detailing what they see as a vulnerability in Bitcoin's protocol. Ittay Eyal and Emin Gün Sirer of Cornell's Department of Computer Science say Bitcoin is vulnerable to "selfish mining"—an attack by one or more members of the Bitcoin network who try to computationally corner the supply of bitcoins and control their flow.

"This attack can have significant consequences for Bitcoin," Eyal and Sirer wrote. "Rational miners will prefer to join the selfish miners, and the colluding group will increase in size until it becomes a majority. At this point, the Bitcoin system ceases to be a decentralized currency."

The Bitcoin community has been discussing the possibility of this sort of attack, sometimes known as a "cartel" attack, for over three years. But the risk in the past has been largely downplayed for one simple reason: it would require an attacker to have more computing power at his or her disposal than the rest of the Bitcoin network combined. The Cornell researchers' paper outlines a new strategy to the attack that still would require control of a significant number of the "nodes" in Bitcoin's transaction processing network, but it takes a different route to control—exploiting the rational behavior (and greed) of other miners.

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Computer recognition of people has focused almost exclusively on faces, but a new study suggests it may be time to take additional information into consideration. A study* published online Sept. 25, 2013 in the journal Psychological ...
National Institute for Standards a Technology (NIST) Fellow Ron Ross has been awarded the inaugural Lynn F. McNulty Tribute U.S. Government Information Security Leadership Award. The (ISC)2* U.S. Government Advisory Board for Cyber ...
Oracle will stop offering commercial support for new versions of the open-source GlassFish application server, leaving customers who want such support with the option of licensing the more expensive and proprietary WebLogic Server.
Opscode's Chef packs the power of Ruby and plentiful Cookbooks, but lacks features and polish found in other solutions
The trend toward large-touchscreen smartphones -- 5-in. and above -- reached its highest level yet in the third quarter, as they accounted for 22% of all smartphones shipped worldwide.
Microsoft today said that attackers are exploiting a critical and unpatched vulnerability in Office 2007 using malformed documents to hijack Windows PCs and said Office 2003 and Office 2010 are also vulnerable.
With a move that harkens back to the days before Facebook's IPO, Twitter has upped its opening stock price to a range of $23 to $25 a share.

Re: Olympics: British Mobility Technology on Show in London

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Microsoft Outlook 'S/MIME EmailAddress' Attribute Mismatch Security Weakness
U.S. lawmakers questioned the security of HealthCare.gov, the U.S. government's troubled insurance-shopping website, after reports that one applicant's personal information was shared with another applicant.
Final Draft Multiple Remote Stack Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities
A new app that tracks where antibacterial resistant superbugs are growing has become a favorite among physicians with more than 100,000 downloads in less than a month.
The idea behind the #NoEstimates approach to software development isn't to eliminate estimates but, rather, to explore other ways to solve problems without specifically asking, 'How long will it take?' Here are five real-world examples of teams that are doing just that.
Google has begun work on shutting a hole in its Chrome browser that lets casual thieves steal website and Web service passwords.
A significant increase this weekend in TCP traffic with source port zero detected could be part of reconnaissance efforts in preparation for more serious attacks, according to security researchers from Cisco Systems.
StoryBoard Quick XML File Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
About 10 months from now, NASA's Mars robotic rovers and orbiters are slated to be getting some company.
Google has launched a new tool that connects people with experts over live interactive video for free or paid advice, while adding a revenue stream for the company in the form of transaction fees from providers.
What Microsoft puts in its upcoming touch-based Office suite will be a huge test for the company, analysts said.
Check out JR's blog "How good is the Nexus 5 camera? See for yourself" in this gallery of images.
Open Text is acquiring GXS Group for $1.17 billion in a deal that will give the information management software vendor a widely used cloud-based business-to-business trading platform.
Turning its considerable expertise in analytics to the study of IT operations, IBM has assembled a software package to help system administrators better pinpoint potential problems and performance issues, using many IBM tools for business intelligence, machine learning and data mining.
Cisco Prime Central for Hosted Collaboration Solution CVE-2013-5564 Denial of Service Vulnerability
Cisco ASA CX Remote Safe Search Policy Security Bypass Vulnerability
ESA-2013-070: EMC Documentum Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability.
ESA-2013-073: EMC Documentum eRoom Multiple Cross Site Scripting Vulnerabilities.
Website performance testing service SmartBear finds improvements to the healthcare.gov site during a test Monday, but there was also a partial outage in a key feature during the enrollment process.
Consumers are getting more aware that they can be tracked while they walk around stores but plenty still feel uncomfortable about it, according to a new survey.
[SECURITY] [DSA 2792-1] wireshark security update
Cisco Mars Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability - CVE-2013-5563
IT hosting company Rackspace is upgrading its OpenStack-based servers across the board with faster processors as well as more memory and network bandwidth.
LinuxSecurity.com: Updated gc packages that fix one security issue are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. The Red Hat Security Response Team has rated this update as having moderate [More...]
LinuxSecurity.com: Multiple vulnerabilities were discovered in the dissectors for IEEE 802.15.4, NBAP, SIP and TCP, which could result in denial of service. The oldstable distribution (squeeze) is only affected by CVE-2013-6340. [More...]
LinuxSecurity.com: Libav could be made to crash or run programs as your login if it opened aspecially crafted file.
Acer CEO J.T. Wang is resigning from his post at the Taiwanese PC maker and will be replaced by president Jim Wong as part of a corporate restructuring that will try to revitalize the company's sagging fortunes.
Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird/SeaMonkey XSLT Processing Denial of Service Vulnerability
Bitcoin is vulnerable to an attack that could have devastating effects on the virtual currency, but it can be fixed with a software update, according to researchers from Cornell University.
R is mighty, but it can be complex for data tasks. Learn how to get summaries, sort and do other tasks with relative ease.
Microsoft is hoping to differentiate its Dynamics CRM software from the likes of Salesforce.com with a new set of 18 industry templates that fit the application to verticals including sports management, health care and more specialized areas such as prison inmate data.
Google has launched a new tool that connects people with experts over live interactive video for free or paid advice, while adding a revenue stream for the company in the form of transaction fees from providers.
Microsoft is offering Windows Azure customers the facility of transferring their data offline to and from Azure storage accounts using hard disk drives.
Mobile developers will be able to track usage of their Android and iOS applications, as well as experiment with interface improvements, with two free services from Amazon.
Microsoft on Monday expanded its $100,000 bounty program, and will accept reports of in-the-wild attacks that demonstrate new techniques of bypassing Windows' anti-exploit technologies.
Thanks to NASA's now-crippled Kepler space telescope, astronomers say they now know there are tens of billions of potentially habitable, Earth-size planets in the Milky Way galaxy.
Libxml2 Entities Expansion CVE-2013-0338 Denial of Service Vulnerability
HP Service Manager Multiple Security Vulnerabilities
phpMyAdmin CVE-2013-5001 Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability
phpMyAdmin CVE-2013-4996 Multiple Cross Site Scripting Vulnerabilities
phpMyAdmin CVE-2013-5029 Clickjacking Vulnerability
phpMyAdmin CVE-2013-5003 Multiple SQL Injection Vulnerabilities

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Dear Hackers and Hackeranis,

Tool tip: Did u know nullcon goa V is on V day?
Show a friendly gesture this V day, spread love not malware :)

Loads of action packed events happening at nullcon goa as we turn five
but first things first, the first speaker list(in no specific order):

1. Keynote: Jeff Moss, VP & CSO - ICANN, Founder - Defcon/Blackhat
2. Brad Barker, President - The Halo Corp
3. Chris Evans, Chrome Security, Google
4. Andy...

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By Mark Hachman
Nov 4, 2013

On Monday, Microsoft said it will offer a free 16-week IT course for
soldiers transitioning out of the military into civilian life—with a
guaranteed job at the end of it.

The Microsoft Software & Systems Academy will be based on the Microsoft IT
Academy, offering the training necessary to...

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By Desiree Everts DeNunzio
November 4, 2013

Folks in the Pentagon appear to be rethinking the idea that one person
should be in charge of both the NSA and the United States'

Top military officials are considering separating the role of National
Security Agency director and the head of Cyber Command, a former

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The Switch
Washington Post
November 1, 2014

On November 3, 1988, 25 years ago this Sunday, people woke up to find the
Internet had changed forever. The night before, someone had released a
malevolent computer program on the fledgling computer network. By morning,
thousands of...

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By Brian Krebs
Krebs on Security
Nov 4, 2013

A hacker break in at a U.S. company that brokers reservations for
limousine and Town Car services nationwide has exposed the personal and
financial information on more than 850,000 well-heeled customers,
including Fortune 500 CEOs, lawmakers, and A-list celebrities.

The high-value data cache was found on the same...
Linux Kernel AACRAID Driver Local Security Bypass Vulnerability
Internet Storm Center Infocon Status