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Over the past 72 hours, I've noticed a shift in the types of brute force attacks I'm seeing on my SSHhoneypot. Generally, SSH attacks consist of hundreds (or thousands) of authentication attempts, each using a different username/password combination. Over the past few days, however, I'm seeing multiple IP addresses attempting to use *one* password against *one* account: root/ihatehackers.
In a sense, a single IP address taking a one-off shot at root doesn't really even qualify as brute-force and is... well... barely an attack. What I find interesting about this new behavior is the number of different sources I'm seeing for this single, somewhat lame hack.
So, how widespread is this behavior? Is anyone else seeing it? Also, does anyone have any idea what this attack is about? As I said, on the surface, this looks kinda lame, but perhaps someone out there knows something I don't...
Tom Liston

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