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@SiberAjan has added 225 sites to the weeks mass defacements that we have seen already. Its unknown why they have attacked these sites but still shows the amount of exploitable websites and servers across the interwebs.

Over the months there has been many operations dubbed with "free palestine" in many different ways from many different hackers, groups and teams.

You don't need expensive gear to learn about virtualization. Here's how to build your own lab using MacOS and VMware's vSphere.
One of the things that I've been working on lately is building an automated malware analysis environment to handle Android malware similar to the one I built for Windows malware. I'm not quite there yet, but Iwas quite pleased to here about the new service being offered by the folks at Die Universitt Erlangen-Nrnberg. This is still a research project, so if you choose to use it, be understanding. Don't expect 24x7 uptime and let's try not to DoS them. That said, I'm looking forward to seeing how well it works and how the dynamic analysis will work once it is actually in production.
The Sandbox:http://www.mobile-sandbox.com/

Jim Clausing, GIAC GSE #26

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Oracle Java SE CVE-2012-0507 Remote Java Runtime Environment Vulnerability
It would seem that the hacker using the handle Yei zeta has been very busy over the past week or so, coming out of what seems like no where they have started to dump data from server hacks.

Yet Another electronics Giant has been hit by anonymous hackers, this time its Epson, well known for their printers, scanners and more recently digital products.


Grassroots tech community brings Symantec CEO and $10000 hacker contest to ...
WebWire (press release)
Kansas City, MO - 3/2/2012 - Kansas City IT Professionals (KCITP), a grassroots community of 7500+ members in the Midwest, has partnered with Symantec for "InfoSec night". The security-focused event, hosted by Johnson County Community College, ...

The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago Government has come under attack from hackers who have hacked and leaked data from the Ministry of Finance website.

The on going threat of ACTA has been going for some time now and as a result we have already seen many attacks, defacements, "tango downs" and data leaks from a heap of different targets that are in support of it.

The consumer electronics industry is focusing this year on innovation in screen design, and it's betting that you'll like what you see, writes columnist Mike Elgan.
@D35m0nd142 has continued to do what he/she does and in the progress has discovered that Europe space agency and Canadian Space Agency is vulnerable to XSS attacks.

Sbkiller from Cyb3rs3c Crew has hacked and left Mozilla's Denmark based website defaced. The website which is put together by Mozilla supporters who translate programs and documents for the danish community has had its site, forum, and blog hacked and left with a extra deface page cybersec.html.

OrionsHunter of Bangladeshi Black Hat Hackers or BBHH has been at it again defacing indian based websites in the on going cyber war between bangladeshi and indian hackers.

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