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To all of our US readers Happy Independence Day. I hope that you will have a safe and relaxing holiday.To our none US readers I wish a good day.

May you also have a safe and relaxing weekend.
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This morning in my [email protected] inbox I had an email that appeared to come from one of my users. It appeared to be the typical Delivery Status Notification Failure.

As the mail admin and abuse coordinator for a small ISP it is not unusual for the customers to forward these notices to me with a request to determine why

they can't email.
As I have done a few hundred times in the past I right clicked on the failure notice to look at the reason given by the NDR. Imagine my shock when my

computer immediately began running JAVA. I immediately killed the process and booted my computer into safe mode so that I could try to determine the

just exactly what had happened. As soon as the laptop booted up my AV and Windows Defender both reported that I had Trojan.bredo. I ran my cleanup

and researched the characteristics of this Trojan and the files that are altered.About 2 hours later it appears that I was able to recover from this attempt

to infect my computer.

I just wanted to give you a heads up. It looks the scumbags are now using NDR and Failure reports to attempt to further their malicious activity.
Deb Hale Long Lines, LLC (c) SANS Internet Storm Center. Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License.
Motorola this week gave more details of its planned reorganization, saying it will spin off its mobile devices and home products business into a new entity called Motorola Mobility.
MySQL users now have another choice for support besides Oracle, which acquired the open-source database through its purchase of Sun Microsystems.
Demand for NAND flash could outstrip supply in the third quarter of this year as consumer electronics companies prepare products for the holiday season, leading to price increases and shortages, research firm iSuppli said on Friday.
A former IT staffer with the Bank of New York Mellon pleaded guilty Thursday to stealing sensitive information belonging to 2,000 bank employees and then using that data to steal more than $1 million from charities.
AT&T and lawyers representing class-action plaintiffs have reached a proposed settlement of lawsuits over billing by AT&T Wireless before 2004.
Bored with your old box? These enterprising modders have you covered. Gorgeous, unwieldy, and rarely pragmatic, here are 15 cases that blur the line between workhorse and work of art.
Using an iPhone is like taking a holiday to some corrupt country: It may be beautiful and offer simple pleasures, but you're going to pay bribes to people who shamelessly charge you for what's free elsewhere.

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