New IPv6 attack against Windows 8 PCs demonstrated
Due for full disclosure at the DEF CON 21 conference, the attack's design is not new, the similar Stateless Address Auto Configuration (SLAAC) principle was demonstrated at Infosec in 2011, but extends it to Windows 8 segments for the first time.


Recently I have been investigating different anti-virus software and trying to determine which is the best for home users and for businesses.
There are so many choices and so many different opinions of which are good and why.  One popular Internet Security website touts
Bit Defender as the best of the best with Kaspersky coming in second and Norton in a very close third.  Another popular website rates VIPRE
on top with Bit Defender in second followed by Kaspersky. Yet another site list Webroot, Norton and McAfee in that order. 

So what does a person do?  How do you determine which is the best and right for you? Is it price? Is it features? There are so many
different programs that it is confusing and perhaps even overwhelming. 

I would like to hear from our readers.  What do you think?  What anti-virus have you chosen for home or work and why?  Let us know
what you think.





Deb Hale

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The Obama administration has vetoed a decision by the U.S. International Trade Commission to ban the import of certain Apple products to the U.S. on the grounds they infringed a Samsung Electronics technology patent.
Two security researchers at Defcon on Friday revealed the methods they used to hack into car computers and take over the steering, acceleration, breaks and other important functions.

Las Vegas: All that Glitters is Not Always Gold
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Apple pushed back on e-book price-fixing remedies proposed by the Department of Justice and 33 state attorneys general with, among other things, an implied threat that it could yank Amazon's Kindle app from its iPad and iPhone App Store.
Apple is allowing children under 13 to have their own iTunes accounts as part of a new push coming later this year to increase the use of its iPad in education.
Continuing its rapid expansion, cloud service provider DigitalOcean has opened a second facility in the greater New York metropolitan area -- a data center located in Google's gargantuan Manhattan facility.
There is a new effort in Congress to penalize companies that shift call center work overseas.
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