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As reported at the isc.sans.edu on Christmas Day by Deb Hale, Stratfor had personal data of its customers compromised, including a list of 860,000 passwords hashes. Today Steve Ragan over at thetechherald.com published an analysis of the password list. There is nothing original about the methodology used. It is very similar to what Marc Hofman described in his diary from late 2010 on measuring password security and most likely very similar to what the bad guys will use. Unfortunately Steve Ragan's analysis shows how poor Stratfor's password policy was, and how poor the passwords were in general. Nearly 10% of the passwords succumbed to cracking in under 5 hours. More importantly, this analysis reiterates the weakness of passwords in general, and the general failure of user education in good password creation and management, highlighting that the weakest link in security is the user.
It is clear that we need to continue to work on educating the users. The minimum we need to instil on our users is:

reiterate good password creation and management processes
discourage password reuse
promote the use of tools like Password Safe or Keepass

It may be a difficult battle, but lets try and win it one user at a time!
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For those of you following the development stream of nmap, an interesting release today. nmap 5.61TEST4 has a number of interesting features.

a spidering library and associated scripts for crawling websites.
51 new NSEscripts, bringing the total to 297.
a substantial decrease in the size of the Mac OSX installer due to the removal of PPCsupport.
a new vulnerability management library which stores and reports found vulnerabilities.

More information can be found in the release notes.
-- Rick Wanner - rwanner at isc dot sans dot org - http://namedeplume.blogspot.com/ - Twitter:namedeplume (Protected) (c) SANS Internet Storm Center. http://isc.sans.edu Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License.
Microsoft's Windows XP lost a big chunk of usage share last month as users continued to desert the aging operating system for Windows 7.
IBM Lotus Domino RPC Operation Denial of Service Vulnerability
The past year was a tempestuous one in the world of desktop operating systems, it seems fair to say, with big changes occurring in just about all of the major contenders.
Movable Type Multiple Unspecified Security Vulnerabilities

A Handful of 2012 Privacy & Security Predictions
Information Law Group
I expect the finalized report to be heavily influential on 2012's infosec and privacy debates. Information security and data protection issues surrounding contracting for cloud services will begin the road to maturity in 2012 as the federal government ...

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phpMyAdmin Prior to 3.4.8 Multiple Cross Site Scripting Vulnerabilities
[ MDVSA-2012:001 ] fcgi
[SECURITY] [DSA 2377-1] cyrus-imapd-2.2 security update
[ MDVSA-2011:198 ] phpmyadmin
[SECURITY] [DSA 2376-2] ipmitool security update


Toxic milk scandal inflames, website hacked
Last night, a team of hackers named "Simple International Infosec Team" attacked Mengniu's website. They said Mengniu was once the pride of China, but now they entrap Chinese people. The hackers lashed out over what they claim is a lack of conscience ...
Mengniu drops to 3-year low, its website hackedShanghai Daily (subscription)

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Php-X-Links Script Multiple SQL Injection Vulnerabilities
WSN Links 'report.php' SQL Injection Vulnerability
Social networks played an important role in the last U.S. presidential election, but the explosive growth in smartphone usage and the introduction of tablets since 2008 could make or break the candidates for president in 2012.
WordPress WP Live.php 's' Parameter Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability
Siena CMS 'err' Parameter Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability
PHPB2B 'q' Parameter Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability
WordPress TheCartPress Plugin 'OptionsPostsList.php' Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability

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By Shuchita Kapur
December 31, 2011

Demand for risk professionals in UAE banks has gone up by double-digits
this year, according to experts in the recruitment industry.

"There has been a 28-per cent increase in risk vacancies registered by
Huxley Associates in 2011 compared with 2010,” Keon Jamshidi,...

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By Jim Finkle
Dec 30, 2011

Boston (Reuters) - Hackers affiliated with the Anonymous group published
hundreds of thousands of email addresses belonging to subscribers of
private intelligence analysis firm Strategic Forecasting Inc along with
thousands of customer credit card numbers.

The lists, which were published on the Internet late on Thursday,

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By Vicky Nanjappa in Bengaluru
Rediff News
January 01, 2012

In 2011, terrorist groups had launched a major drive to recruit jihadis
online but it was not something that really worked too well for them as
they didn't find many takers.

Although security agencies across the world can breathe a sigh of relief
that not many recruitments took place...

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By Jojo Malig

MANILA, Philippines - Vice-President Jejomar Binay's website has been
hacked again, just a few months after the site was defaced.

The site was accessible Sunday night but instead of government
statements, visitors are welcomed by pop-up messages that say "Hacked by
PrivateX and Blackrain" and "Hoi...

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By James Cusick and Cahal Milmo
2 January 2012

Police investigating computer hacking by private investigators
commissioned by national newspapers have uncovered evidence that emails
sent and received by Gordon Brown during his time as Chancellor were
illegally accessed.

Mr Brown's private...
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