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Cloud-based TV infrastructure company ActiveVideo has won a $115 million judgment against Verizon Communications for infringement of its patents.
Whether you're just getting back from a relaxing vacation or just fighting the onslaught of daily messages, staring down the barrel of a loaded inbox can be a pretty demoralizing experience. There's just something fundamentally confidence-killing about having so many messages calling for your attention in one place. But with a little bit of methodology and some intelligent technology, you can get your e-mail inbox to empty in short order.
The White House is attempting to make it more attractive for foreign entrepreneurs to create a business in the U.S. by "clarifying" H-1B visa and green card rules.
The new Veracode technology, Dnyamic MP, is said to be able to scan thousands of websites simultaneously to spot an SQL attack or other attack types.

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A new study by the Ponemon Institute found the cost of cybercrime to enterprises has increased 56% over the previous year.

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Security researchers detected large volume of the bank Trojan on Amazon’s cloud storage service.

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Samsung today announced it has purchased MRAM maker, Grandis, which makes non-volatile memory that could someday be used in consumer and data center computers.
OCZ today announced the availability of its highest performing PCI-e flash card to date, the Z-Series R4, which has up to 2.8GB/sec throughput.
Sprint Nextel is a wholesale customer of Clearwire's WiMax service but will itself become a wholesale provider of the service to other carriers.
Some Lenovo customers are concerned about ghosting on LCD screens in the ThinkPad X220 laptop, in which images temporarily remain fixed on screens, but the company tried to allay fears by saying that images dissipate in a short time and do not damage panels.
Check Point Software has new, heavy-duty security gateway hardware for data centers and service providers, including one chassis that will grow to support a 1Tbps firewall.
Oracle Java SE and Java for Business CVE-2011-0786 Remote Java Runtime Environment Vulnerability
Google acquired The Dealmap, the latest move in the effort to to bolster its local deals business.
Google patched 30 vulnerabilities in Chrome today, paying out the third-highest bounty total ever for the bugs that outsiders filed with its security team.
An FCC study says broadband providers are delivering close to advertised speeds.
This image gallery accompanies the blog post Wearable Android? New platform promises futuristic Google gizmos
Shaw reviews Multi-Link Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad, by Iogear, and Savi 440, by Plantronics.
EBay has deployed 100TB of SSD storage to deal with performance issues related to deploying new virtual machines in its Quality Assurance Division.
Novell ZENworks Handheld Management 'ZfHSrvr.exe' Service Directory Traversal Vulnerability
Shrink-wrap and click-wrap agreements are the fine print you see, among other things, when you click through terms and conditions in accessing an online service (e.g., in connection with a cloud computing service) or as part of the installation of a piece of software.
Apple's tablet is pushing the 'consumerization of IT' trend in a way that IT can't stop -- and doesn't need to
Skype today restored its new iPad program to Apple's iOS App Store after pulling it from the download market yesterday.
Aug. 2, 2011 isn't just the day that the U.S. risks defaulting on its debt. It is also 802.11 day (8/02/11), a day when the wireless industry should ponder its future because today's Wi-Fi networks are about to be hit by a perfect storm of problems.
Black Hat 2011 preview: This year researchers are expected to demo new hacking techniques for car alarm systems, Android smartphones and Google Chromebooks.

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Cognizant Technology Solutions reported on Tuesday growth in revenue and profits for the quarter ended June 30, as demand grows for offshore outsourcing.
Google is organizing a series of Android Developer Labs to help developers update existing smartphone apps to run on Honeycomb-based tablets.
A little while ago I asked for some SSH logs and as per usual people responded with gusto. So first of all thanks to all of those that provided logs, it was very much appreciated. Looking through the data it does look like everything is pretty much the same as usual. Get a userid, guess with password1, password2, password3, etc.

One variation did show. One of the log files showed that instead of the password changing the userid was changed. So pick a password and try it with userid1, userid2, userid3, etc, then pick password2 and rinse lather and repeat. Some of the other log files may have showed the same, but not all log files had userid and passwords available.

A number of the IP addresses showed that they were using the same password list, indicating that either they were being generated by the same tool or might be part of the same bot net. Quite a few IP addresses showed up in different logs submitted.

The most common userids were, not unexpectedly, root, admin, administrator, mysql, oracle, nagios. A few more specific userids do creep in, but most are the standard ones.

So not earth shattering or even mildly surprising, but sometimes it is good to know that things haven't changed, much.

As for the attacking IPs. You can find the unique IPaddresses performing SSHattacks here
A number of the logs were provided by the kippo SSH honeypot, which looks like it is well worth running if you want to collect your own info.
Thanks again and if Imanage to dig out anything further I'll keep you up to date.
Mark (c) SANS Internet Storm Center. Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License.
The MacBook Air has been a product in transition. When it was introduced in 2008, it was an oddity: an expensive and underpowered—yet incredibly thin and light—13-inch laptop. Last year's revision—which added a second USB port, upgraded the processor, and introduced an 11.6-inch model—was much more appealing.
Hackers are exploiting a problem with an image-resizing utility called TimThumb that is widely used in many themes for the blogging platform WordPress, although some fixes have been made to the latest version.
Computer Associates ARCserve D2D 'homepageServlet' Servlet Information Disclosure Vulnerability
Boot Camp, the Mac OS X utility that lets Mac owners run Windows in a separate partition, now requires Microsoft's newest operating system, Windows 7.
In a twist on conventional charging for electric cars, Nissan has developed a system that allows a vehicle to supply electricity to power a house.
Skype's Internet phone and video chat application for Apple's iPad was available late Monday, but was quickly pulled from Apple's online stores. Skype said in a Twitter message that it had gone live prematurely.
IDC dropped its growth forecast for yearly processor shipments worldwide due to a slowdown in consumer laptop sales in mature markets such as the U.S. and Europe.
The iTwin allows you to share files with another computer remotely without depending on a cloud service or other external server.
Companies with large deployments of Macs may be eying Apple's new OS X Lion warily. Ryan Faas offers advice on how to roll it out successfully.

Posted by InfoSec News on Aug 02

By Bill Brenner

Infosec author and SIEM, log management, PCI DSS expert Anton Chuvakin
starts a new job with Gartner today.

Chuvakin is one of the giants of information security and has written
many an article for this site. Gartner was wise to hire him.

From Chuvakin's blog:

As only very few of you know, I have accepted a position of Research

Posted by InfoSec News on Aug 02

By Desire Athow
01 August, 2011

One of the architects of US foreign policy under George W. Bush, General
Michael Hayden, suggested that the US Government should consider
creating a "Digital Blackwater" during an open conversation with
Bloomberg's Allan Holmes and several other cybersecurity specialists on...

Posted by InfoSec News on Aug 02

By Kathleen Hickey
Aug 01, 2011

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is pilot testing
Apple iPads and iPhones to determine how best to let employees use the
devices in a secure environment.

NIST’s Office of Information Systems awarded the contract, valued at
$43,757, to Videotape Products on July 22. The small-business award

Posted by InfoSec News on Aug 02

By Tim Wilson
Dark Reading
Aug 01, 2011

A researcher has discovered a critical set of security vulnerabilities
that afflicts more than half of SAP servers on the Internet.

At the Black Hat USA conference in Las Vegas this week, SAP security
expert Alexander Polyakov will outline a new issue...

Posted by InfoSec News on Aug 02

By Dan Goodin in San Francisco
The Register
1st August 2011

Hackers said they posted the names, addresses, and other personal
information of 7,000 law enforcement officers that were stolen from a
training academy website they compromised.

Many of the entries also included the officers' social security numbers,
email addresses, and the usernames and passwords for their...
Chinese telecommunications equipment supplier Huawei has appointed a former U.K. government chief information officer to oversee the company's cyber security assurance system, a move that could help improve the company's reputation.
Red Hat system-config-firewall Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
WebKit 'libxslt' Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
Internet Storm Center Infocon Status