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After a two-day outage, Internet access in war-torn Syria appears to be for the most part restored on Saturday, according to reports from several sources.
Recent changes to WhatsApp, which appears to have captured a position as the popular app-based alternative to texting, have not actually secured the system, at least for Android users

After a month on the market, Windows 8's usage uptake resembles 2007's Vista -- ultimately a poor performer for Microsoft -- rather than the eventually successful Windows 7, Net Applications said Saturday.
The U.S. military wants to put smartphones in the hands of all deployed troops. Their phones are going to be better than regular smartphones, says Mike Elgan, and that's why he wants one.
In the week ending 1 December - Fedora 18 got a beta with added desktops, Piwik analytics got its installation file backdoored, cheeky phishers asked Germans to photograph their TAN lists, and Linux 3.7 is nearly here

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